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Facebook And Big Tech, Who Are In Trouble For Censorship, Now Suing Florida For Interfering With Their Free Speech.

Facebook And Big Tech, Who Are In Trouble For Censorship, Now Suing Florida For Interfering With Their Free Speech.

The irony of all irony, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others are taking Florida to court, the kicker, it is over what they see as free-speech violations.

Trade groups representing Facebook, Twitter, and other major websites have sued Florida to block a state law that makes it illegal for social media companies to ban politicians. The industry groups say the law violates the First Amendment.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law on May 24, slamming what he called the “censorship” of conservatives on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The law, scheduled to take effect on July 1, gives Floridians the right to sue Big Tech companies over content-moderation decisions and prohibits the companies from “de-platforming” political candidates and journalistic enterprises. The law imposes fines of up to $250,000 per day on social media companies that ban candidates for elected office.


The complaint filed by NetChoice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) alleges the Florida bill infringes on free speech protections and has a “political motive” to target companies based on the state’s opinion on companies’ content moderation decisions. 

This is the biggest irony. Big tech is given a free pass from the government to open access to the internet, but are they? They have censored all material that goes against the claims for that day with COVID. As we have seen as of late, what once used to get you banned with fact-checkers pasted all over your site, now is allowed. But these same people that are not only censoring speech about COVID but now are attacking political speakers, such as Trump, banning him, other conservatives as well; they are countersuing Florida for what? Wait for it……. FREE SPEECH.

This brings into focus the real intent of big tech; this has nothing to do with free speech. This is about control, their right to control the narrative over their platforms with vast reach, all while being protected from the government. They think free speech only applies to them; others should be afforded no such right unless this speech agrees with the narrative they want to come out that day.

To claim they are acting with justice on their side, we see Big Tech and the leftist press joining hands to try to cut off this Florida bill before other states take up the mantle and push bills like this themselves.


According to reporting by NBC, SB 7072 was written “in nod” to the ban of former President Donald Trump being banned from Facebook and Twitter following the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

While there are fines that are leveled against Big Tech in a minimal amount if censoring national politicians, such as Trump, the greater fines come from censoring local and state politicians and Florida residents that dare to post things contrary to their doctrine.

Yet the narrative continues, but as we have seen from the left, the truth never matters, only the perception of truth, it does not matter how many lies they have to tell, they will continue to lie until their followers start to believe them.

It is time someone stood up to Big Tech. They demand that they being the right to both censor and the right to be free from censorship. You can’t have things both ways. If they are going to censor, then Section #230 protections need to be lifted from them, if they stop censoring, then keep it in place, that should be the only two choices they have.

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