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Fake Outrage Raises Its Head Over Epstein Case

Fake Outrage Raises Its Head Over Epstein Case

Yesterday we heard in Washington outrage as calls for Ocasta to step down came after his handling of the Epstein Case was once more made public. But this was not a surprise, we knew of this over ten years ago, so why was there no outrage then, but now there is?

Before I get this started, I by no means am advocating for what Jeffrey Epstein did with minor girls; I think justice would be served if he is found guilty, for him never to see the light of day again. Nor do I support what Ocasta did, I think he should resign. But I must ask, why the sudden shock and outrage now?

Nancy Pelosi was the speaker of the House in 2008 when this deal came down the pipeline, at the time the national election was heated up, two contenders were vying for the front runner’s position, Clinton and Obama, yet when this deal was made, not a word was said; why is that? Why the fake outrage now?

I would say the reason was rather apparent, the ties that Epstein had with former President Clinton, who had flown many times with him to his notorious Island, he had even left his secret service detail behind, guess he did not want to have privy into his affairs when he visited the Island with Epstein.

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Now that Trump is involved, the Clintons have fallen out of favor, the cover-up that was done for so long for the Clintons is not needed any longer. But if this is the case, then one could ask, “Nancy, why has your attitude regarding this changed in such a drastic way over the years?”

Some will say that this happened under Bush, and you are right, but we also have seen with the whole Trump Collusion debacle, that the justice department is seeded with some far-left players who are more interested in political capital than doing their jobs and making sure that justice is given out in equal measure.

We need to question why this is today an “Unconscionable Agreement” with Jeffrey Epstein, yet in the past, it was not, why such a sudden change of heart Democrats? Why were they not offended before, but now are oozing with fake outrage?

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This is the problem I have with Washington, and the “establishment,” one finds they have no issue with this sort of thing until it suits them politically to have a problem with it, we must ask, are their morals this bankrupt that they can’t voice outrage when it happens?

This is the reason, I, and many like me voted for Trump, something the left nor the establishment has understood yet. Trump is crass, he can be obnoxious, but he has not shown a change of morals depending on the political winds. Epstein did have contact with Trump, we know of one flight they shared, but we also know that Trump expelled Epstein for sexually assaulting a minor in his employment, it did not matter who his connections were.

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I am not saying Trump is a man of high morals, one we could say, “This is who I want to emulate,” but he is what he is, I have not seen a change in what he presents today and what is presented tomorrow.

Last night I was watching YouTube, saw the author, Victor Davis Hanson, in an interview over his book, “A Case For Trump.” He said that the left has forgotten about the actions of JFK and his many affairs, LBJ and his nudity, Clinton and his activities with women in the White House, yet the left has amnesia about this, they want to claim the moral high ground now.

He went on to state, “We chose Trump because we preferred an “Authentic Bad Boy to a disingenuous good girl!” This made total sense to me; I would rather have a commodity I knew, then one that changed with the winds, would say what was needed, but would never follow through with it.

This is why the left will lose again in 2020, they don’t understand, we see through their fake moral outrage, their claims of being morally superior, we know they aren’t, what we are looking for is someone who is what he is, will act as promised, not promise and never act.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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