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A False Narrative Continues To Spread, Even After Retraction Is Given

A False Narrative Continues To Spread, Even After Retraction Is Given

We have all see the fake news, one site runs a fake story, another picks it up, they run with it, next thing you know the leftist press is running on a story that has little or no truth in it, they set out to try to destroy a life, and when they are done, it is what is done, not the content, or the accuracy of this content that is important to them. The fact that they are spreading a false narrative means nothing to them, they will soil their reputation so long as their political goals are met, this is what the press today has turned into. 

A great example of this is the new pick for heading the CIA, CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel, we have heard she has presided over torture, some even ran that she somehow has a sick sense of satisfaction from it. We find that the narrative does not matter that this is a false narrative is what matters, not the accuracy. So how did this all start? 

Turns out left-wing ProPublica last year ran a story that Gina Haspel was involved with the waterboarding of terrorist Abu Zubaydah to extract information, they went so far as to say she was mocking him as this was taking place, seemed to take satisfaction in this; there is only one problem, it never happened. Naturally, others ran with the story, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi ran this: “Taibbi: Trump’s CIA Pick Took Part in Silencing Torture Suspect.” NPR’s All Things Considered also included this article to attack this woman, saying she was for sure not qualified for the job. The New Republic ran with the story, so did Vox saying: “Donald Trump wants feminist cred for putting a veteran torturer in charge of the CIA.

But what was never told in any of these stories, ProPublica had already run a retraction of that story, said it was based on erroneous information, that Gina Haspel was never involved in any of this. While I am more than happy to give ProPublica credit for correcting their erroneous reporting, that is after all that used to be done when such a thing happened, for some odd reason not one of these other publications gave any retraction, for accuracy was not what they were after, they would happily destroy a life with a lie if it achieves what they are after. 

And where did ProPublica get this story from? Turns out from the New York Times, seems they are very much involved in the spreading of false narratives for political goals, ProPublica said of the Times, “also reported last year that Haspel oversaw the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah and another detainee.” What is funny, she was not involved with either of these, yet they are spreading lies, the end in their eyes justify the means, does not matter that it is centered around a false narrative. 

Sadly journalistic integrity is gone, used to be when a mistake was made, they corrected it, you knew then the reporting of facts was equally important as getting the story out, but in halting this, and I must say, the only reason ProPublica, a far-left group with ties to and other far-left groups, was it was about to be exposed, so they correctly issued their retraction, something that far bigger organizations like New York Times and CNN seem incapable of doing. 

As we descend further into this rabbit hole of anti-Trump delusions by the left, we are beginning to see as they become exposed less and less reliance on what is accurately exposed, they are slowly becoming more shrill in their false narrative as they start to see the walls collapse around them. Things are not going to get better, like a corpse in its dying moments, you will see great upheavals as these groups are grasping to stay relevant and show they have meaning, yet what they really are is just a rotting corpse spreading their stink all around, just can’t see it with their Trump delusional condition. 

This is a good thing, as these antiquated organizations either fail or evolve into something else, the power they used to have over the public is waining, we are seeing them for what they are, but it does not mean that we should stop demanding factual reporting from the press, just if they will not, then they put their organizations at risk. We have seen a crash in viewers with most of these, this is due to the lack of integrity, we do after all have a right, nor more an obligation in regards to the health of this republic to demand this. I would love to say right now we are evolving into something better, but we are not, but we can make this what we want, only access what is with integrity and truth, it is all up to us.


Now for an update with Silent No More, I have out of my pocket paid to have work on the website started, we have finished up with bumper stickers, shirts, and mugs, along with other items for us to have to show our support. 

We are putting this togather with three main points; there will be a site for writers to share with all of us what makes the conservative site so wonderful, to aid us in finding our voice, to motivate us to gather, to show the true power in our numbers. 

The second thing we are looking at adding to the site is the listing of candidates running for office; we are hoping the candidates will offer their work and stances on site, that way we have better-informed electors. 

Third, we are tired of celebrities, artist and musicians thinking they can disrespect us and demean us for how we believe, we know the only way to strike back is first with our vote, but second to make sure we are not giving them any of our money, the best way to teach them to stop this is to boycott them, either they will shut up or go bankrupt, either is equally acceptable. To put it in a nutshell, we don’t tell them how to believe or whom to vote for, what the hell makes them think they have the right to do so with us?

To continue we need funding; we ask that anyone out there whom can help do so, it is only possible with your help to make this all possible. While we do have website designer willing to create the website at a discount, these usually cost over $10,000, we can’t expect anyone to do their job for free, we need help in paying for this, for setting up the legal work around the organization, then to be able to pass it off once it has grown, so it is separated from this site. 


Click on the banner to go to Go Fund Me Site to give to Silent No More!



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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