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‘Farrakhan Is My Teacher’: Fox Sports’s Shannon Sharpe Lectures on Both Jackson’s Statements.

‘Farrakhan Is My Teacher’: Fox Sports’s Shannon Sharpe Lectures on Both Jackson’s Statements.
  • Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe and former NBA player Stephen Jackson both have ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite.
  • Sharpe and Jackson have both faced scrutiny for their responses to NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic comments.
  • Stephen Jackson has praised Farrakhan as “my leader” and both he and Sharpe have defended Farrakhan against charges of anti-Semitism.

Former NFL player and current Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe and former NBA player and Showtime podcast host Stephen Jackson both have ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite.

Farrakhan has described Jews as “satanic,” railed against interracial marriage — which he claimed “mongrelized” the black race — and has said “Hitler was a very great man.” Sharpe and Stephen Jackson have both faced criticism for their responses to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s promotion of Farrakhan and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories online.

Among the material that DeSean Jackson spread to his 1.1 million followers on Instagram was a fake quote attributed to Adolf Hitler claiming that Jews are deceiving America from finding out that black people are “the real Children of Israel.”

Stephen Jackson said Wednesday that DeSean Jackson had told “the truth” by spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories: “He’s speaking the truth. You know he don’t hate nobody, but he’s speaking the truth of the facts that he knows and trying to educate others.”

The former NBA player has repeatedly promoted Farrakhan to his nearly 900,000 Instagram followers.

Jackson promoted Farrakhan’s Independence Day speech where the Nation of Islam leader accused Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates of trying to “depopulate the Earth” through the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

“I will be there front and center. Nobody loves black people more and nobody has more knowledge about the things we need to be liberated. [Farrakhan] is educating me on how to be a great leader and how to develop the community,” Jackson wrote in a July 3 Instagram post.

Jackson posted an Instagram photo of himself and Farrakhan on June 22 and later uploaded two videos defending the Nation of Islam leader.

“I love Minister Farrakhan and I learned so much in those two hours and I never heard him preach hate, or talk to hate, say hate about anybody to me,” Jackson said in a June 25 video.

“Minister Farrakhan is my teacher. He’s embraced me and he’s teaching me a lot about my people and how to be a better leader,” he added in a second video, on June 27.

Showtime executive Chris DeBlasio told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an email: “We are aware of Stephen Jackson’s recent statements. Regardless of his intentions, Stephen’s comments were hurtful and inconsistent with the values espoused by this network.”

Sharpe faced scrutiny after dismissing DeSean Jackson’s promotion of Farrakhan on Wednesday.

“He’s [Farrakhan] has made it pretty clear over the years that he doesn’t like Jewish people. Is that fair to say?” Fox Sports host Skip Bayless asked Sharpe on Wednesday.

“Well, not from the conversation that I’ve had with the minister — he’s made it clear to anybody that sat down with him, he says he doesn’t,” Sharpe replied.

Sharpe previously brought up his ties to Farrakhan during a September 2018 episode of “The Undefeated,” the Fox Sports show that he and Bayless host together.

Sharpe said he was going to be “passing out the Final Call,” the Nation of Islam’s newspaper. “Me and Louis Farrakhan, the last of a dying breed,” Sharpe said, before pointing to his head and saying he had the same hair part as Farrakhan.

Sharpe’s comments were highlighted by a pro-Farrakhan Facebook page in January.

In all fairness we have to include what Shannon said the next day concerning this, I think before you judge it is important to hear the whole story.

While I am no fan of Farrakhan, I think he is an evil anti-Semite, sadly the African American community seems to think after yelling at everyone else about their racism. It is okay for Farrakhan to spew out the garbage he does. But with this being stated, we also need to hear the whole conversation, not just the convenient parts.

While we sat on our hands, Obama and the left took the stigma of being named a racist and abused it until it no longer held any bite. It used to be if someone called you a racist, you would go to the ends of the world to remove such a terrible blight off of your name. Yet the last administration abused this for political pressure, accused anyone and everyone who did not support or agree with the administration’s policies due to racism.

In the past, we had great and noble men and women who, in the name of equality, gave up their liberty, limbs, even their lives, yet all these sacrifices were thrown away for something as fleeting as political pressure. Today if someone screams ‘racist,’ it means nothing other then you aren’t a liberal.

While I agree that both Smiths were wrong, they can say they don’t support racism. Still, they want to accuse this nation of being racist because its founders were, this nation is guilty of association. Yet, they desire a pass when they support Farrakhan’s racist ways, yet they claimed they shouldn’t be judged by the same standard, that is hypocrisy.

I have watched Shannon Sharp for years; many times, there is little I can agree with him politically. Still, I have never heard him say or act in an antisemitic way; I think it is essential we don’t do to anti-Semitism what we saw done to racism.

We would like to thank Daily Caller for much of the material here but can disagree when we think something is being done that we don’t agree with, even though we support them.

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