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‘F*ck White People!’ – BLM-Biden Supporters attack Elderly Couple Dining Outdoors in Pittsburgh

‘F*ck White People!’ – BLM-Biden Supporters attack Elderly Couple Dining Outdoors in Pittsburgh

When I grew up there were two people you left along, the young and the old, yet no longer do people on the left think this matters, well, unless it is their own family that is getting attacked, then suddenly they scream foul to the high heavens.

This is how Biden supporters treat elderly Americans.

Black Lives Matter terrorists screamed obscenities at elderly people dining outdoors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

“F*ck 12 and f*ck white people! You old dick!” one BLM militant yelled to a peaceful elderly white man sitting at a table.

A woman then marched over to the couple, grabbed a drink from their table and drank out of it!

Personally, if I saw her reaching for my glass, I would have helped her, would have thrown it at her, then told her how nice she looked wearing it.

After hearing the left scream at us about Covid-19, how not wearing masks, not observing social distancing, we find maybe this virus is politically selective; if you support Black Lives Matter, you can steal other’s drinks, drink their drinks, and you are safe. Am I the only one that dreams of grabbing a bunch of glasses from COVID patients in the hospital and lay them out nicely for these people?

Other violent Biden supporters were breaking glassware and intimidating diners.

WATCH (language warning):

Not willing to stop there, then one of the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist attacked a bike rider, as you can see here:

Once more, we see who has the privilege here. No one with “White Privilege” thinks they have a right to attack others, loot, riot, and nothing should happen to them, yet looking at the faces of Antifa and Black Lives Matter activist when caught, they sure seem to think they do.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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