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FDA Colludes With US Postal Service To Destroy Ivermectin Shipments

FDA Colludes With US Postal Service To Destroy Ivermectin Shipments

The radical left and maniacal globalists will never let the COVID-19 pandemic disappear. They’ve been doing everything in their power to prolong it since it began. Their efforts have primarily come from massive fear-mongering and disinformation propaganda campaigns, but now it looks like they’re pulling out all the stops.

The US Food and Drug Administration has been caught red-handed, conspiring with the US Postal Service to intercept inbound international shipments of the safe, effective, affordable COVID-19 fighting drug Ivermectin.


Despite the vehement insistence by leftists that there is no cure for COVID and that we all have to get the vaccine to end the pandemic, Ivermectin has proven to stop COVID in its tracks when administered early.

India’s most populated state, Uttar Pradesh, home to 240 million people, claims to have managed to tame the pandemic using Ivermectin but don’t expect Big Pharma, US health agencies, or the mainstream media to acknowledge this reality.

Instead, the US attempts to stop Americans from getting their hands on Ivermectin at all costs.

According to letters from the FDA being circulated on social media, the agency blocked shipments of Ivermectin from reaching their intended recipients as they arrived at ports of entry.

“A shipment addressed to you from a foreign country is being held by the post office at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration,” reads one letter shared by attorney Aaron Siri.

The letter explains that the package containing 200 “Iverheal Ivermectin tablets” was intercepted at the JFK Airport Port of Entry on November 9, 2021.

In another letter, the FDA revealed they intercepted a package containing 300 tablets of “Iverpac12” in August, which they said were “subject to refusal of admission into the United States and are subject to administrative destruction.”

Yet, the FDA has no problem with the COVID vaccines being forced on every American, no matter how severe the side effects may be.

The FDA’s attempts to intercept Ivermectin at ports of entry are being exposed as more and more people seek the safe, affordable, and effective drug along with other preventative early treatments to counter COVID-19 and remedy symptoms.

The lying mainstream media has demonized the drug, labeling it as “horse dewormer,” but Americans aren’t buying the propaganda they’re selling any longer.

The FDA refuses to approve Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 formally, and we all know it’s because the globalist elites are desperate to keep the pandemic alive and well.

These people are deranged.

Cross-posted from the Tea Party

Notes from the Editor

What is if note, these medical professionals are willing to risk both their job and their freedom to come out and expose how the complications from the vaccine are causing deadly problems. Yet, the government is shutting all this data down.

The problem with this is that the government has mandated, yet they hide the side effects, thus keeping us all in the dark.


As I have said before, I lost my wife to COVID, I know the danger of the disease, but I also have a massive problem with people being kept in the dark when it comes time to make decisions for their health.

While we do not claim to advise one in health matters, we are journalists, not doctors; we have a problem when the government tries to keep things in the dark. Through experience, we have found when the government starts to cover something up; it is for nefarious reasons, not out of the goodness of their heart.

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