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Feinstein’s Eleventh Hour Attack Against Kavanaugh

Feinstein’s Eleventh Hour Attack Against Kavanaugh

In what is only a sign of desperation, Senator Feinstein is now succumbing to the pressure of the far left has given to the FBI a secret dossier, from a secret source, which makes secret accusations against Kavanaugh from 35 years ago while in High School. This is the desperation the left has fallen too; they can’t do anything to stop the election of Kavanaugh to the high court from their fellow members, so they have to resort to accusations that can’t be refuted, this is the lie she has now stooped to.

So what is supposedly supposed have happened? It turns out since it is all secret, we don’t know who was involved, what was done, but now due to just an anonymous accusation, we are demanded to put everything on hold.

The California Democrat said in a statement Thursday that she “received information from an individual concerning the nomination.” She said the person “strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision.”

The FBI confirmed that it received the information Wednesday evening and included it in Kavanaugh’s background file, which is maintained as part of his nomination. The agency said that is its standard process. The good news was by the end of the day, yesterday, the FBI has said they will not act on this, it would be interfering with the nomination, and the material has no way of being confirmed 35 years later.

A Senate Democratic aide and another person familiar with the matter said it referred to an incident that occurred while Kavanaugh was high-school age. The two spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the matter.

The details of the alleged incident and the identity of the person who provided the information were unclear.

The White House called Feinstein’s move an “11th-hour attempt to delay his confirmation.”

And here is the question, Feinstein claims to have had this material for a while, yet never once did she bring this up in questioning, never once in her private interview with Kavanaugh, but now she has found the fortitude to pass this to the FBI, then make a public statement that she has, not that anything can be done, rather show her  constituents on the radical left that she is somehow for them.

This is a chapter taken out of the Me Too movement, make an accusation, does not matter how vague it is, an accusation is made, so guilt has to be assigned, but this is even worse. With the Me Too movement you had people who identified themselves, openly stated what had happened, then the offender was told they could not defend themselves or they were not caring about this movement, their only choice was to resign, with this, you no one stepping forward, no accusation that is specific is being given, we don’t even know when or where this happened, other than while Kavanaugh was in High School, and we are supposed to stop everything and assign guilt.

This stinks of desperation; the left is so threatened by a high court that views the constitution, not trends as their guide, they are now willing to go to whatever end they can to stop this. The left has depended on the court to achieve what they couldn’t with a popular vote for years, something they deeply fear, but even more than this, with possibly another justice retiring either due to age, or infirmaries, or maybe by the way that Antonin Scalia vacated the bench, another justice or two will change the complexity of the bench for years, this will put a halt to much of what the left wants to accomplish. 

If we think things are bad now, if the GOP retains control of both houses, or better yet, win additional seats, and another bench is vacated, you are going to see this circus intensified, even to a greater extent if a second is opened and Trump can place two more people in the High Court, this will put a stop to the lefts push to limit free speech, undo the Second Amendment, and move to make fundamental changes to this nation by assaulting rights we have taken for granted.

Again I have to remind the need to vote, if we don’t turn out, the left will, we will then see what we have gained for the last 2 years will be halted, if the left gets out enough they could change both houses and we could look at the removal of Trump, and the ramification of what would happen if the left did such a thing without showing any crime committed, a very probable civil war.







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