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FEMA Tells Us, If Nuclear War Happens, Make Sure To Wear Your Masks And Keep Social Distancing

FEMA Tells Us, If Nuclear War Happens, Make Sure To Wear Your Masks And Keep Social Distancing

As if the thought of nuclear war is not bad enough, we then have to have the ineptness of this Biden administration thrown in our face by having FEMA tell us, if nuclear war happens, please wear your masks and keep social distancing.

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So let me see if I understand this correctly? Nuclear explosion, bad. Burns, radiation poisoning, that too is bad, but go without masks, not keep up social distancing during such an event, that is a crisis that we have to warn all Americans about.

I know some of you are seeing this and saying, no way, this has to be a joke, no government organization can be this stupid, but we have that covered; here is the website for this:

One would think that if nuclear explosions were going off outside, the last thought most of us would have is if we are going to catch Covid or not. It seems this person agrees with this:

It turns out I am not the only one that found this both disturbing and funny:

Of course, this was enough to send some liberals into a tailspin; how dare we not think of Covid when bombs are exploding. Worse, let’s think about social distancing in shelters; who cares if you have to turn away 90% of the people who could survive.


While this may seem funny, the current administration’s problem is prioritizing social distancing if such an event happened, turning away the majority who could be saved to continue this narrative.

Watch out, folks; the inmates have taken over the asylum.

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