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Feud With Legend And Teigen Turns Nasty

Feud With Legend And Teigen Turns Nasty

We have seen the idiots from Hollywood attack, disrespect, and do so on ongoing bases, but this time it has gone beyond just the attack against Trump, not it is an attack against the dignity of the office.

The whole feud started when Legend attacked Trump back in March of this year after the attack on the Mosque in New Zealand.

“He needs to apologize for demonizing Muslims,” Legend said. “He needs to apologize for demonizing brown people who have tried to come here and have a better life. He characterizes their desire to come here and work and feed their family as an invasion.”

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend will headline the House Democrats' annual retreat.

The problem was Trump never attacked the Muslims in New Zealand, he said at the time that a socialist, who said he supported that type of doctrine, hated Trump, attacked these people, but none of that mattered to Legend, it was the narrative, the left ran with it.

We then saw attacks from Legend and his wife over Trump saying he did not want evil in this nation.

When Trump called out his wife, Legend, who is only a Legend in his own mind responded:

Building on this the latest spat started when President Trump late Sunday took to Twitter to identify his own success in criminal justice reform and called out celebrities for not acknowledging his efforts, namely singer John Legend and his “filthy-mouthed wife” Chrissy Teigen.

Trump was offended how Legend and his wife spoke about how great the prison reform was, then refused to give any credit to the GOP or Trump for getting this reform to pass.

Trump was correct in calling them out, but then typical of the idiot Chrissy Teigen , who is nothing but a moronic liberal nasty woman replied:

Teigen called the president a “p***y a** b***h” for tagging “everyone” but her in his tweet. Legend, in a  tongue-in-cheek appeal, requested that followers not to retweet the vulgar comment as a hashtag.

At this point, the liberals went crazy, started to trend this, something she seems proud of, her husband as well.

Once more we see how out of touch Hollywood is, as they have gone from mere resistance to outright hostilities and calls for violence not only against Trump but against anyone that dared to vote for him. One has to wonder, who long until this rhetoric turns to violence? And they want to scold the president, who has never called for violence.

It is time for us to start to stand against this, hit them where their pockets are. If they want to blackball all of us, maybe we should do the same with our pocketbooks. I have for the last year refused to go to movies these idiots star in, will not support any actor that attacks Trump, I will not contribute to their livelihood, nor will I purchase their music or give them the time of day, it is time we all start doing this.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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