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Forensic Audit Coming To Georgia, Bannon Says – ‘Expect Senate To Flip Back To GOP’

Forensic Audit Coming To Georgia, Bannon Says – ‘Expect Senate To Flip Back To GOP’

Arizona is expanding its forensic audit to include the senate run; Georgia is set to start theirs. Steve Bannon says to expect the Senate to flip back to the GOP.

Steve Bannon

Georgia Radio Host John Fredericks joined Steve Bannon in The War Room on Friday.  John Fredericks is reporting from the Georgia Republican Convention this weekend.

During the conversation, former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon laid out his most recent predictions and they are explosive.


Steve Bannon says Georgia WILL hold a forensic audit despite the best efforts from RINOs in the state block the process.

He also called out Mitch McConnell to put “his shoulder to the wheel” of the Three November Movement.

Steve Bannon: And what that means is holding audits in all these states. Mitch McConnell right now should not be kowtowing to Chuck Schumer. Because we’re going to show in Arizona and we’re particularly going to show in Georgia, those are three Republican Senate seats that are coming back to Republicans after you do a full forensic audit!

That ought to create a panic on MSNBC today!

What Does This Mean?

Suppose this does turn out to be how Bannon is claiming it will; a forensic audit will give some of the seats back to the GOP. In that case, it will give the Senate back to the GOP, which will cause mass uprising across the states by the Left but would open up other states where Republicans control the senators in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and others.


Unlike Bannon, we at 0censor can’t make such a call on the state of the forensic audit, but we do know if what he claims is true; this would change the whole dynamic of the government if the Senate is stripped from the Left.

This could be why the Left is in such a frenzy to try to push their special bills through.

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