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Forget ISIS, Hezbollah, Or Al Qaeda, We Have Something More Dangerious, The DNC

Forget ISIS, Hezbollah, Or Al Qaeda, We Have Something More Dangerious, The DNC

This morning, while writing articles and trying to get others posted that was written for us, I had a chance to discuss politics with a far-left liberal. In the conversation, he told me the greatest threat to American freedom was the GOP.

I asked, “Has the GOP tried to overthrow the government? Did they walk around with their anatomy on their heads when Obama was elected president, or march in the streets speaking of dreams of burning down the White House?”

I was no fan of Obama, thought he was an inept ideology, was more concerned about forcing his leftist agenda on this nation more then he was concerned about the health of the country. Much of what we are facing today is due to his actions while in office. But I never said he was not my president, sure never found a need for a quiet corner, to have a teddy bear with a hot cup of cocoa, I figured we needed to roll up our sleeves, find a better candidate then Romney, hopefully, we would succeed in putting someone in office who would stand up the corruption in Washington and the press.

I never wished Obama dead, sure did not make plays up where I could fantasize over it, and if anyone had done this, there would have been a host of people with me in condemning this. I know Trump questioned his right to serve; this was due to his birth certificate. I did not support this. I had a feeling this was so big it is doubtful he would have even made it to the election, but there were some discrepancies in the narrative, but I had bigger things to do than worry about this.

There were extremist, white Supremacist that spoke of their hatred, but like almost all on the right, I did not give them the time of day, they were just a small group of radicals that numbered maybe 10 or 15,000.

What did worry me at that time was the rise of the Democrat BlackShirts, Black Lives Matter, their hatred of the police, their none stop claims of victimization. What was not said about the ones that they claimed were victimized, if you go to a police officer, assault him to the point where he is worried about his own life, you are not a victim when you come back to beat him again, Brown was a great example of this, he was shot due to his stupidity.

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We heard the same group stir people to a fevered pitch when black males shot at the police and were killed for doing this, just as we saw not long ago in Wendy’s. This was not a case of police brutality when one assaults a police officer, he did so because he knew if he got arrested, due to he was on probation for child abuse, one could very well find their probation revoked. But to assault two cops, take their taser, then fire at them when they are chasing you, and they shoot back, this is not an illegal act. This is a good shoot.

I have said for the last 4 – 5 years, Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist group; they should be labeled and treated as such. We hear they are peaceful, but peaceful protesters don’t assault the police, shoot at them, riot, loot stores, and set others on fire; these are not protesters; these are terrorists.

The press is desperate to try to shine up the image of Black Lives Matter, blame the riots on what they consider as radical right-wing groups, groups like The Proud Boys, but one can look at the photos of the riots, you don’t see any of these people there. What is more, when you ask for evidence, to show the arrest record of one of these members in any place there is a riot, no one can show them, yet we are supposed to take them at their word.

On top of this, you have another activist arm of the DNC, Antifa, the group they also want us to believe are peaceful protestors. Still, peaceful protestors don’t come dressed in riot clothes, armed with nail-studded bats, carry knives, and guns to protests. These are nothing but domestic terrorists as well.

We hear that Twitter said radical right groups are posing as Antifa, yet when I have contacted them, no one can show anything, so where exactly are they getting this information? From CNN? The site that has done nothing but spew fake news?

The best way to expose this is to ask the Democrat leaders to release the arrest records, one can check the names to known Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and radical right groups, yet for some reason, no one wants to release this, one has to wonder, why? If there were conservative or far-right activists involved, and there was evidence, is anyone silly enough to believe the press would not do what they have done time after time? To splash this all over the headlines?

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What we have are multiple terrorist groups, yet the press is going out of their way to blame what these groups are doing on the right, it is not that way.

We are faced with a political party that has little interest in the US, I don’t blame all for this, but a large percentage of the party could care less about our nation, they care about power and pushing the leftist ideology, if it takes destroying this nation as we know to force this ideology on the rest of us, so be it. That is not the actions of a patriot, that’s the actions of a seditious traitor.

I don’t make this label lightly, nor would I dream of applying this to all Democrats. Still, I do this to the leaders in that party; others are given little choice but to go along for a ride with far-left activist leaders, leaders like Ilhan, AOC and others, Pelosi and Schumer are no longer the leaders they used to be, they are submitting to the demands of leftist activist least they lose their position of power.

What is worse, our leadership in the GOP, people like Romney and others, are submitting to these demands, allowing the radical black activist to dictate that they somehow kneel to them. I will never kneel to such radical terrorists; the only way this will ever be done is with my dead body, for I will not do it so long as I live.

We have been failed by the left, now the right, instead of fighting for us, they are more concerned about their job than representing us, it is time we start to look for new leadership, people, who like our President, will not be cowed by the radical left, will call them out and expose them for what they are. If we don’t do this, the left will be further emboldened, try to seize more power, lead either to the destruction of our republic or a civil war, and could very well lead to both.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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