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Fox News Cancels ‘Justice With Judge Jeanine’ This Weekend Over Her Continued Support Of Trump

Fox News Cancels ‘Justice With Judge Jeanine’ This Weekend Over Her Continued Support Of Trump

If last night you tried to tune in and did not see Fox News’ “Justice” with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night, the show was suspended over a spat on the network’s coverage of President Donald Trump.

Fox News did this because she made a very staunch defender of President Trump and wanted to expose the vote fraud that took place in the election, Fox News decided not to air her show. It had extended coverage of Democrat Joe Biden’s acceptance speech of a contested election.

At this point, there is no inclination of whether the network is going to keep the show going, but we hear she was suspended at least for this weekend.

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Fox News is not the only news organization scrambling to go decisively critical of President Trump, it turns out most of the press that supported him now is turning on him, showing this was only done to keep their readers.

The New York Times reported Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid, the New York Post, has shifted its tone on Trump as a top editor has planned his own exit from the reputed oldest newspaper in American history.

“Col Allan, a wizard there, says he plans to retire next year,” the Times reported Saturday.

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Murdoch had once been a controlling owner of Fox News.

Fox News critically was the first, and for a long time on Election Day, the only news organization to call the state of Arizona for Biden. Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, still in dispute in the state’s ongoing election count and with the Trump campaign, are pivotal to decide the presidential electoral college victor.

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Fox News was one of the first stations to call Arizona, then in a unprecedented move called it before most of the count was done. Now it looks like FOX, along with much of the so-called conservative news is turning on Trump.

0censor, seeing the close races, the counts still going on, with legal challenges, questionable actions of polling sites, has not yet called Arizona, Pennsylvania, or other states too close to count, thus leaving the true winner of the election still undecided.

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