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Fraud With Postal Workers? Military Mail-In Ballots Found In Garbage, Only Trump Votes Were Thrown Away

Fraud With Postal Workers? Military Mail-In Ballots Found In Garbage, Only Trump Votes Were Thrown Away

Military members put on the uniform, fight for this nation; they, of al,l people, should have their ballots the most protected; they are giving the most for this nation. Yet this seems not to be the case.

Mail-in ballots from the military serving overseas were found in the trash in Pennsylvania. The ballots were discovered during an investigation into election issues in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. They were all votes for President Trump.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office Middle District of Pennsylvania released a statement on the situation on Thursday:

While nine ballots have been recovered, it is not clear how many were actually discarded.

This announcement comes on the heels of a report that three trays of mail, including absentee ballots, were discovered in a ditch in Wisconsin.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany addressed both these stories on Thursday.

What we are seeing is a massive push by the left, where they are becoming more and more brazen in their moves to rid themselves of Trump ballots.

The problem I have is who could have had control over these ballots? That would be the postal service, which I can speak from experience is against Trump; I have had my mail carrier talk to me of the evils of Trump how there is a need to rid our nation from him, or the postal service may fail. While I have little worry about him acting in a dishonest way, how hard would it be for a more activist postal worker to sort through the ballots and discard any that have a vote for Trump?

It used to be you would trust the mail as one thing you knew had little chance of being tampered with; no more, it seems that as time has gone by, this has become more and more likely.

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