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Freedom of Speech? Not Really!

Freedom of Speech? Not Really!

Do we have freedom of speech? Is our right to express ourselves still held in the absolute faith that it used to be held in? Is the right to express a difference of opinion’s being given to dissenting points of views, each heard so they can speak openly, the other side counters, and the audience is allowed to make up their minds by comparing what they heard from the conflicting sides? Do the News and Social Network Platforms aid in this freedom, or are they taking it away? That is what we wish to look at today.

One of the reasons 0censor was founded was due to the ire of the owners, upon searching on the internet, if you pulled up Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines you would find with Google and the Yahoo search engines some conservative sites were either not to be found, if they were found you find they were shown further back pages later with Google, with Yahoo you couldn’t even find them, yet if you opened sites like Ask, DuckDuckGo, DogPile and others would have these sites on or near the front (this is supposed to be the way these engines work, the more a person searches for a keyword, the ones that show in this, and are reached the most, they go to the top of the list, the ones rarely opened or referred to they go to the bottom. It seems that the big tech companies are actively engaged in controlling where the sites were located, thus what sites you see, and this seems to be primarily aimed at supporting liberal ideology at the expense of any social belief that is not in agreement with progressive thought.

But it goes much deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole, found when using McAfee when I went to pull up 0censor links, each and everyone was listed as unsafe, 0censor set about making sure the site was secure, the security that was asked for was secure, yet to this day still shows the site as a high-risk site. But it went further, I and my brother decided to start looking for the different sites, he had the same antivirus program, we found that a large majority of new conservative sites that were on the internet, when you pulled them up McAfee would list them as unsafe, yet liberal sites with much less time up were all listed as safe. The problem with this was if you pull up a site, you have a big red banner that blocks you from going to the site, how many will go past that banner and accept the risk to look at the page? I would love to say there are more, but right now I am using Norton, my brother is using another site, he asked that I hold off on naming it until we can check to see if it is or not, do not wish to put out fake news, nor am I a fan of putting it out and then later on the bottom corner of the site retracting my statement so no one can see it, not that it matters, the damage is done (cough, cough “CNN”).

But it goes deeper yet, I was watching on Tucker last night an interview with Dennis Prager, he was saying that YouTube restricted his video’s so he could not generate any revenue off of them, but it went much deeper then this, they coded the video’s so they can’t be shown in any library, school, or if you have any type of parental control they will block it out looking at it the same way it does with pornography. And what does Dennis Prager have for content? He has one site calledHow The States Can Save America” that shows how the states can call for a constitutional convention, to make changes for certain items like term limits with our representatives in Congress, on another something as villainous as What is the Alt-Right“, it is by no means in support of them, explains how small they are and who represents them; even worse, “How to Raise Your Kids To Be Smart About Their Money”. Most nefarious of all, Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs?“, this looks at Israel and sees if it has practices of apartheid, it has a South African from South Africa look at Israel and see if there is Apartheid there. And the most evil of them all, Democratic Socialism is Still Socialism“, he goes on to show what socialism is, what democratic socialism is, how they are the same thing. Is this freedom of speech?

But here is the problem, if you go to the sites, there is no blood, no gore, sure no calling for violence, or screaming that Trump should die, all that is openly shown on YouTube with no censorship. you have Keith Olbermann on YouTube asking foreign Intel agencies to please spy on the US and expose Donald Trump (this is the definition of treason, asking a foreign spy agency, or government to unseat the seated power in the US, yet this is uncensored, YouTube allows this to be shown to everyone, they have no problem showing Brennan calling for a coup against Trump’s orders, that is perfectly OK.

We also have Facebook, if you are found to post what they deem today as questionable, or far too conservative, they will put in blocks to stop you from posting. We at 0censor just experienced this, if someone objects to an article you run, they don’t question anything, they blocked all access to the group sites, where we do most of posting as we do share our conservative posts with like-minded groups, we do the same with our liberal writers, yet never once have we ever had an issue with the liberal postings, only denial of access to conservative sites. Further, when they did flag an article as questionable, said it was spam, we fought it, yet they in turn still cut off all access to Facebook groups even though they did clear the article. And we are not the only ones facing this, you have ex-Facebook employees coming out and openly admitting they censor conservative sitesthey have gone so far as trying to shut down President Trumps calls for bans from Radical Islamic nations on Twitter, claiming it was hate speech, it was the knowledge that taking on someone with a larger platform that stopped this, would not be a good idea, Trump could make their lives a living hell. Worse of all, Lauren Southern was banned for 30 days from Facebook, and what for? For writing an article about their unfair practice of banning political conservative speech. Is this freedom of  speech?

Now in the name of controlling Fake News, you have Facebook, Google, Twitter and the rest saying they are putting in place even stricter controls, but does this mean they are actually controlling fake news? I don’t think so, as we have seen, what they view as fake news is an opinion piece, a news article that in any way does not support or speaks out against liberal progressiveness that these owners and managers of these tech giants adhere to, but has to wonder, if we can see they are already censoring to slant the internet towards the ideology they want, then why on earth would we trust them with even more power?

We at 0censor believe that any censorship is wrong, that is unless you are advocating an illegal act, like calling for a murder, treason, or overthrowing the government, even then some of them I would rather not see us pull, would rather give the opportunity to answer, to show the reader the problems with their stance, to use facts to refute that they are standing for, in the end, use the power of those facts, not to shut them up, more to expose and make them irrelevant. The problem you have is anytime you censor and shut up, you make the person saying what you disagree with feel empowered, they walk away feeling their beliefs are so powerful, and you are so threatened by their “truth” that the only way to stop such power is to shut their speech up, they walk away feeling empowered, the people following feel the same, many looking for the truth wonder what it is that you are so desperate to shut up. That is why we never censor, we trust you the reader to be intelligent enough to be able to wade through what is shown, to look at the facts and decide for yourself, the liberal left never does this, they feel that you are smart enough to decide, it is their job to decide this for you, that is why when Trump was posting things on Twitter the press had such a fit, actually asked Twitter to shut him down, Trump had figured out a way to beat them at their own game, in fact a twitter employee on his last day shut down Trumps account, and what was the call from CNN on this? Don Lemon used this as a platform to say that Twitter should not be a means for Trump to reach the people, it should only be allowed to be through the press (my, isn’t that surprising, not like he has never advocated this before). Is this exercising free speech?

Is freedom of speech still with us? Well yes, but as we can see this is very subjective. If you want to exercise this with the large IT giants, it better be in tune with their political leanings or they will shut you down, cut off your access, try to silence you, all in the name of stopping hate speech. So how do we stop this, we need to get back to where speech is truly free, you engage wrong speech with good, you expose lies with the truth, you show what is hate by showing what is love, you fight bigotry by showing acceptance. But remember, you can accept a person without accepting their idea’s, you can love someone and not love what they stand for, you can support a person’s right to believe or practice their moral choices without having to participate in them, and because you don’t agree with someone does not show prejudice against them. The only way to learn new ideas is to be open to them, never by shutting them down, listening to conflicting points of view gives you a healthy perspective of both sides of a equation, sometimes there are more than just two sides, sometimes many, all just variants of grey. Freedom speech, not so fast. 



About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Jeri Gaynor

    I have noticed my outlook blocking sites like red/right/daily… I thought it wS Norton, then looked and read the banner, which states outlook is blocking the link. Any insite?

    • user

      I have noticed that as well. We are finding that hosting sites, such as Firefox and others, are now starting to block conservative sites so you can’t access them. Maybe it is time to get a conservative alternative to these sites to access what is needed.


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