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Generals Call On US Military To Start Game Planning To Fight American Citizens

Generals Call On US Military To Start Game Planning To Fight American Citizens

With the one year anniversary of the Jan. 6th protest that the Democrats have falsely classified as an insurrection, even though both the FBI and Justice Department have said there is no evidence these were anything but protests, three retired Generals have called on leaders to start wargaming going to war against American citizens.

With the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 incursion into the United States Capitol less than a month away, three retired Army generals called on leaders to take preventive measures, including to “war game” a “post-election insurrection or coup” attempts.


“The potential for a total breakdown of the chain of command along partisan lines – from the top of the chain to squad level – is significant should another insurrection occur,” former Major Gen. Paul Eaton, former Brigadier Gen. Steven Anderson, and former Major Gen. Antonio Tagubathe wrote in The Washington Post on Friday in an opinion column raising the disturbing prospect of the U.S. military training for a confrontation against fellow Americans.

The generals went on to write, “The idea of rogue units organizing among themselves to support the ‘rightful’ commander in chief cannot be dismissed.”

Their comments come in light of the Jan. 6 incursions into the capital, primarily allowed in by personnel at the capital, made up of supporters of then-President Donald Trump seeking to protest his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes, demanding that election irregularities be taken care of first.

“Imagine competing commanders in chief – a newly re-elected Biden giving orders, versus Trump (or another Trumpian figure) issuing orders as the head of a shadow government,” the former commanders wrote.

It’s a situation that could spiral out of control, the generals warned.

“Worse, imagine politicians at the state and federal levels illegally installing a losing candidate as president.

“… Under such a scenario, it is not outlandish to say a military breakdown could lead to civil war.”

In this, these generals have one thing wrong, a dangerous precedent if ever followed by the U.S. military. Our Military is to be free of political partisanship, yet they claim they want to place themselves in the middle of this debate.

We can look at these Generals, part of the rabid anti-Trump crowd, where some of them have attacked people for daring to support Trump; Gen. Eaton is an adviser to the progressive group VoteVets, which is a leftist group that attacked Trump none stop over military decisions.

We are seeing this pattern, where the left has demonized Trump, then his followers. After this, they claim that a protest was somehow magically morphed into an insurrection. Some of their retired generals are writing articles calling for the Military to game plan fighting fellow Americans.


While I, as a veteran, respect the service these men did for our country, I will not, nor ever should, support their calls to turn the Military into a partisan organization. If such a thing ever happens, this will be the beginning of the end of this nation.

These three men have done a disgrace to the Military, themselves, and all this nation stands for. What’s next? If Trump wins the 2024 election, they call for a military coup for the nation’s good? That would be treason.

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