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Georgia Second County finds Thousands of Uncounted Votes, Now a Third?

Georgia Second County finds Thousands of Uncounted Votes, Now a Third?

One of the things we have been told for years now is we can trust the American voting system, but now we see county after county with uncounted votes; all these counties are from pro-Trump areas. Further, we have seen an election flipped due to a computer ‘glitch’ (or so they say).

The Democrats for four years screamed that President Trump stole the election, but now that the results are the way they want, they are now accusing us of being unpatriotic for daring to question the election.

Others, such as the establishment GOP members, which the Georgia Sec. of State is very much part of, despise Trump enough to give power to the Democrats, just to rid themselves of him, yet we are told we have to trust these people. No place is this more evident than with the seditious lot with the Lincoln Project.

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But the question has to be asked if audits in three counties are producing these types of results, why is not the whole state being recounted by hand?

With Georgia showing at the current time a Biden lead of 2,472,098 to 2,458,121, this is a 13,977. With the two counties with missing votes, this lead for Biden drops to under 12,000, add to this now a third county is found with over 5,000 votes, this means that with three counties in, 10,000 votes are missing, we could be looking at a difference of less then 11,000, one should ask, why don’t we see every county double-checked?

Georgia Sec. of State’s office is trying to say that this is due to an error, but the same error in the first three counties checked? I beg to differ. This is not a sign of a discrepancy; this is a sign of a conspiracy to steal an election. This needs to be dived into to ensure that the election is done correctly.

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The thing to remember is these are small counties. Two of the counties have around 100,000 residents, the third one I am not sure of. All we know is another county found with the same problem, but Georgia is clamping down on all information.

As Americans, not Georgians, we need to demand that in every state, where there are questionable results, random hand checking of results should be done in every state. If there are discrepancies found, then the whole county should be hand-counted. If the county is shown to follow a bad pattern, then the whole state should be recounted.

The press is telling us there is a rush. We have to move on from this administration. I say rubbish, our faith in the system is the most important thing our elections hold. If we have no faith our votes matter, why vote?

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