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Germany To Make Antisemitism A Crime, Is It Enough?

Germany To Make Antisemitism A Crime, Is It Enough?

Germany is to tighten its laws against anti-Semitic hate crimes in the wake of last month’s failed attack on a synagogue by a far-Right gunman.

“I am ashamed that Jews no longer feel safe in Germany and that so many are even thinking of leaving the country,” Christine Lambrecht, the justice minister, told German MPs. “We have to send a clear signal against antisemitism.”

They are moving in the direction the US is already at. A crime directed at an individual due to their race, faith, or sexuality can have an enhancement added to the charge, due to the crime being a hate crime. It needs to be understood, a thought is not a crime, as a Jew, I am not happy if someone hates me due to what I am, but that alone is not a crime, we have a right to feel as we please, it only becomes a crime when one acts on it.

Here lies the problem, while it is fine to show that this type of crime is on an uptick, but to blame it on just one demographic, a demographic that commits the least amount of these crimes while ignoring another is asking for failure.

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The move came after a synagogue in east Germany narrowly escaped becoming the scene of a massacre last month. Stephan Balliet, a German national who released a far-Right “manifesto” before the attack, failed in his attempts to break into the synagogue, which was packed with 51 people marking Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. He later turned his gun on bystanders, killing two people.

If you notice, the German press is swift to point out the name and nationality of a German citizen when this is done, but their response when Arab migrants attack is entirely different.

While the Halle attack was the highest-profile incident, it was by no means an isolated case. Just days before, a Syrian man was stopped by security guards as he tried to enter Berlin’s best-known synagogue armed with a knife and shouting “Allahu akbar” and “F*** Israel.”

What is of note, when the attack from a German national was made, his name and who he was ended up being published all over Germany and the world, but when a Syrian immigrant tried to do the same thing, not a peep concerning his name; it took days until it was released that he was a Muslim Syrian Migrant.

Adam Armoush, an Israeli Arab who lives in Berlin, is not Jewish but was wearing the kippah in an attempt to prove Berlin was safe for Jewish people. His social experiment went south when someone took off his belt and beat him by the buckle end for being Jewish, that too was done by an immigrant, yet this also was hushed, they refused to comment on who had done this.

In the wake of that incident, Felix Klein, the German government’s antisemitism commissioner, issued a warning to Jewish men not to wear skullcaps in public for their safety. Mr. Klein later retracted his warning after a public outcry.

The outcry was justified, no one should stop being who they are, can you imagine the outrage around the world if the same individual had told
Muslim women to stop covering their heads or for some of them to stop wearing a burka? Yet hardly a reaction, other than in Germany against this.

Sadly we see the same thing here. The last administration in the shooting in Fort Hood tried to say that this was not done due to religious reasons and went so far as to have the man charged with workplace violence, not for acts of terror. Yet his motivation was due to the war with Afghanistan. He felt this was a war with terror; he felt justified in committing acts of terror in reprisal for that war and the conflict in Iraq.

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The problem comes with Islam’s deep-seated antisemitism, one may not like this and claim there is bigotry, but the antisemitism does remain the issue.

Germany and much of Europe, in allowing large numbers of Arab migrants in without bothering to do background checks, something we thankfully are still doing here, have let in a whole lot of people with deep-seated hatred towards the Jews and towards the very nations that are taking them in.

We heard from some Democrats that extreme vetting is based on bigotry and daring to round up illegals is based on that as well. The claims from old disproven accusations still is a calling point for the left; they scream racism when it is not there, for they know this a sure way to unite their followers behind them.

We are watching Europe slide towards chaos as the people invite in more and more people that hate who they are and what they stand for, yet this is what the left wants to bring to American, to open our borders and let all come as they will.

Come election time next year we have to ask ourselves, “Is this what we want to come here?”

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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