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When Given A Chance, Liberal Support Terrorist Every Time!

When Given A Chance, Liberal Support Terrorist Every Time!

I have always found it interesting that the left in their view of what they see as victims never take into account why the people are victimized. The left support of terrorist can be seen in today’s headlines, what is the truth or the facts behind actions mean little to them, they are more interested in defining a narrative then exposing themselves to the truth.


If you look at the outrage over police shootings of Black Men in Criminal acts, the left never cares that these thugs were shooting at police. Instead, they jump in and hold hands with the black communities as they destroy their community when one of these people are shot.

To give some examples of this look in just a year 2015 and the killing of  Keith Childress, on 12/31/15, then man was wanted for breaking and entering, stealing guns, so when the Marshals service was watching him they asked the police for aid, when they confronted him he reached in his pocket, pulled out what they thought could be a gun and shot and killed him, the fact that it was a cell phone is of some importance, but when you are dealing with a known criminal, one that has no qualm about conducting crimes, when he reaches in his pocket and pulls something out, you can’t wait to be shot before you react. Naturally, the black community of the left did not care that was being sought for criminal activities; suddenly he was an innocent victim that was shot for no reason by the police.

Then have Micheal Brown, the one the left started with the silly “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” a narrative that was later proven false, he was killed after being confronted by a police offer, was a large man who attacked the cop and then came back and was going to attack him again, was shot for this act of stupidity. The Community erupted, they ignored or omitted that he was being confronted because he had earlier in that day went into a liquor store, attacked the owner, robbed him, and had a history of violence, later he attacked a cop more than once with the intent of doing bodily harm, they acted like he was Saint Micheal Brown, the proceeded to tear up the city, looting stores and assaulting anyone that wasn’t part of their side.

As an example of this, you had Huffington Post run an article When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims, in the article they attack other news sites for daring to point out the criminal activity this person was involved with, thus trying to portray him as the victim, which he wasn’t, the cop having to fire on him because he was in fear of his life was the only victim in that situation. The fact that some news dared to print the whole story was infuriating to this and other left-leaning sites, how dare they tell the whole truth, it did not match up to their narrative they wanted out there. Seems today many in the black community, rather than answering questions, dealing in a polite way with cops, start to resist, then scream they are victims when the cops have to cuff them to see what is going on.

The Democrats used to be about social justice, but they also were very strong in their support of the policing of communities, but no more, when the police act we now have groups that are the darling of the left, like Black Lives Matter calling for the murder of cops, and what does the left do, they sit silently during these calls, or make up excuses for it, then publically show their support for them. What is more, you had the last administration invite the leaders to the White House, thus showing the American people that domestic terrorist is fine so long as they support the agenda of the left.

Domestic and Foreign

A great example of this is the recent outrage we saw from the leftist news sites, MSNBC, New York Times, CNN and others when President Trump dared to call MS-13 “animals.” To be frank, I think this is too nice of a word for these useless pieces from the bottom of the barrel of humanity, the group that has slaughtered our youth, taken video of them stabbing to death young teenage women, the very people who are preying on the youth of illegal immigrants that the left is so intent on supporting, when Trump criticized them the left went into defense mode sticking up and supporting these scum of humanity.

I went into this with my article Outrage Over trump Labelling MS-13 as Animal, the fact that Trump was referring to MS-13 was not noted, the press dishonestly ran with the story that Trump called all illegal immigrants as “animals”, naturally the left on purpose left whom Trump was referring to, said he was saying this of all illegals. 

They did not retract their lies until the next day when their lies were blown wide open, then they did it half-heartedly or ignored it all togather, the damage they wanted was already done.


Another good example of this is the latest reporting on the conflicts in Gaza. The left loves to paint Israel as the villain, more so now that they like Trump, that alone is unforgivable to them. When Gaza erupted in violence, the left went into overdrive to paint Gaza as victims; the Israeli’s as using almost fascist type power to put down these poor innocent peaceful protesters, but were they?

Now I don’t know about you when I see peaceful protests I expect to see this:

Peaceful Protests

This is not a peaceful protest:

What is more, Hamas had told the people the night before to bring knives, guns, and maps showing where schools, daycare, and other soft targets were, openly said if the broke through they would cut the heart of Israeli’s, so Israel responded as any responsible nation would, they shot anyone trying to break through or attack the Israeli’s.

No one, well other then the brain dead far left would allow someone who openly says they will kill you, and has done so many times in the past, into your backyard, you shoot them if they try to break through Israel’s borders, yet none of this is reported, all you have are headlines like the Intercept – Israel Is Prepared to Kill More Unarmed Protesters in Gaza, from Newsweek ISRAEL GREEN-LIGHTED ‘UNLAWFUL’ KILLING OF UNARMED GAZA PROTESTERS, SAYS HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, from the New Yorker – Israel Kills Dozens of Mostly Unarmed Protesters in Gaza as Jared Kushner Speaks of Peace, in Jerusalem. They make light of the fact that there were armed protestors, in fact, Hamas came out later and openly admitted the vast majority of people killed were Hamas fighters.

The left then, even now ignored this fact, the UN who is very much part of the left-leaning group also ignored this, passed resolutions demanding investigations into Israel portraying these terrorists as innocent victims, the fact that almost all of the leaders egging people on were Hamas operatives, while the protestors were setting fires to tires, Hamas operatives were trying to sneak in and cut the fences, pushed the people forward claiming the IDF forces were fleeing when they were sending in massive reinforcements. Hamas knows that the dead gives them greater coverage by the sympathetic press, the press on their part are so happy to find more perceived victims,  they are more than willing to give accounts in a way that benefits Hamas and attacksIsrael.

Sadly today we are left with a press that in many ways do more work of fiction then fact, they report by omission, giving a story that has little to do with the truth, only the narrative they want people to see. They attack Trump for bypassing them, taking his message straight to Twitter, but can you blame him? By bypassing the dishonest press and their spin of fake news, he is able to circumvent them and give his message directly to the American people; this is a threat to all the left-leaning press is trying to achieve. The worst threat the left faces is an informed public, they have to keep them in the dark, or their lies and half-truths will no longer be trusted, their power to manipulate will cease to be, and their relevance will become a thing of the past.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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