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Google And Others Move To Erase “Whiteness”

Google And Others Move To Erase “Whiteness”

I was doing searches through the internet, was looking for a picture that showed an Asian couple, pressed pictures, there were pages of Asian couples.

Out of curiosity, I substituted Asian with Hispanic, sure enough, there were Hispanic couples, one mixed couple, but Hispanics are both brown and black, there are white ones, so that was not a big deal. I then put in black couples; sure enough, there were pages of fantastic looking black couples, then did the whites, the most interesting thing came up, more then half the couples in the pictures on the first page were mixed.

I was shocked; why would they do this with whites when they don’t do this with other races? I quickly turned to Yahoo, their search engine, the same thing, then Bing, they did the same but went a step further, you had gay couples with a black baby, black couples with a white baby, I sat and wondered, “Why would they classify them as white?”

Black Couples
White Couples

Please don’t mistake this as a rant in support of white only marriages; I am a child of an English and Jewish marriage, my first wife was Hispanic, my relationship now is with a Hmong woman which produced my child, who is 1/2 Asian, I have no issue with mixed marriages, but have to question, why is this narrative being pushed?

What we see is a cancel culture by MSN, Google, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL, Excite and every search engine I looked at showed the same type of photo’s, only 25% of the photo’s showed white couples, the rest were mixed, Black Couples with a white Baby, White gay couples with a black baby, I found this very interesting.

I then looked to Wikipedia for white people; this is the symbol they have for whites:

I was impressed, so wiki, which is quick to censor anything they see as having a racist bent to it, they are now showing if you are white, you must be a Christian? Further, since the liberal world today views whites as evil, having privilege, by associating Christianity with whiteness, what do you think they are implying about Christianity?

This aroused my curiosity, so I searched to see what Google and the other companies said about this. Interestingly, only Google commented on this, and I must say it may be one of the lamest statements I have ever heard from them.

This was their claim:

But the question has to be asked, “If this was true, why is it then that this doesn’t happen when you search Asian, Black, or Hispanic couples?” I think Danny is not very honest.

What you seem to have here is not a company being insensitive, Google is full of “woke” people, anything else shown they censor and black, then howl about racism, but not for this. This is nothing but big tech pushing leftist ideology trying to erase white people.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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