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GOP Leaders Slam Biden After Jobs Report Shows ‘Massive Miss’

GOP Leaders Slam Biden After Jobs Report Shows ‘Massive Miss’

By Harry Wilmerding and Timothy benton

Republican leaders slammed President Joe Biden reported numbers well below economists’ projections, highlighting the report as another example of how the president mishandled the post-pandemic recovery.

The U.S. economy added only 199,000 jobs in December while unemployment dipped to 3.9%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced Friday. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal projected that the economy would add 422,000 jobs in December and fall to 4.1%.


“Our economy should be soaring right now, but the policies of this administration continue to stifle growth and hold back American businesses and workers,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement.

“Today’s jobs report is another massive miss, falling two hundred thousand jobs short of expectations. The labor participation rate should be climbing; instead, the world’s greatest economy is being smothered by Washington Democrats’ government overreach and mandates,” McCarthy said.

“In less than 12 months, the Biden administration has sabotaged what should have been a V-shaped recovery,” McCarthy said, pledging that House Republicans will continue to support policies to drive the economy back to pre-pandemic levels.

“The percentage of Americans working remains historically low, and today’s jobs report fell well below expectations,” Ranking Member of the Select Committee on the Economy Bryan Steil told the DCNF. “We must focus on getting workers back to work and promote policies that return us to the historic economy we saw prior to the pandemic.”

“President Biden will continue to tout this ‘economic recovery’ while simultaneously seeing sluggish labor force participation with 199,000 jobs added last month,” Republican Florida Rep. Kat Cammack told the DCNF.

“President Biden promised to crush COVID and speed up our recovery, but his policies have done the exact opposite, leading to the worst jobs report of his lackluster presidency,” Cammack said.

Meanwhile, a record 4.1 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021 while job openings decreased to 10.6 million as workers seek employment with better wages and benefits, the BLS announced Tuesday.

“The Biden Jobs Deficit—the difference between jobs created and those he promised to create as part of his so-called stimulus from March—has metastasized to 1.1 million,” House Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Kevin Brady said in a statement. “One thing is certain: His $5 trillion tax hikes and spending spree would make the economy worse by rising prices, killing jobs, and slowing economic growth.”

Stephen Moore, an economic adviser to former President Donald Trump, called Friday’s job report another example of the “disappearing American worker,” highlighting the massive job openings figures in a statement to the DCNF.

While wages increased between 4.6% to 4.7% over the last year, the jump is not enough to keep up with the surging inflation the country is experiencing, Moore said.

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Notes from the Editor

While I don’t mind condemning what is seen as bad policies, much of the mess we are in was put in place when the GOP was in power with the Legislative and Administrative branches of government. To blame this on the DNC is wrong; some of this blame falls on them as well.

I voted twice for Trump and would happily vote for him again if he ran for office in 2024, but I was not happy how he crashed our economy and shut down this nation in response to Covid. I am not saying it was not a problem, I lost my wife to Covid, but one has to ask if this was affecting the elderly, people with pre-existing conditions, why did we lock down the healthy, the ones least at risk, such as our children and schools? It made no sense.

In all fairness to Trump, much of this advice came from Fauci, someone I think should be in a court of law, not running our Covid response as a nation; we have seen such a criminal enterprise, a cover-up by him and his associates, it is alarming.

With this being stated, in the end, I think Trump saw Fauci for what he was, but Congress and the Senate tied his hands in how to deal with him, and he did say he would not lock down this nation again, something you are not hearing from Biden and the Left.

There is a problem with our economy; much of it had come from Biden’s tying back down businesses by throwing in leftist policies that were in effect when Obama was in office. The economy took off when Trump threw these out the door, putting them back in place, shutting down the pipelines and our energy independence was both ignorant and short-sighted.


Green energy sounds great; sadly, at this time, it is not yet viable and would be prohibitively expensive to put in place at this present time. We need the policy to allow this type of energy to be researched and mature, bringing it to economically viable levels, and slowly continue to switch toward it, but understand that the world’s and our own energy needs are tied to fossil fuels.

Both sides of the nation’s political elite are great at pointing fingers at each other; if you upend the tenuous hold they have on power, such as Trump did, you upset the cart and turn them against you. But this was needed, still is. We need to rid ourselves of these corrupt politicians on both sides, bringing in people who are more concerned about this nation than their power base and pockets.

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About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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