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Gov. Ron DeSantis Shames Media, Calls Them Out For Treasonous Lies On Coronavirus

Gov. Ron DeSantis Shames Media, Calls Them Out For Treasonous Lies On Coronavirus

Florida is now getting ready to ease off of their month-long lockdown. Still, Gov. Ron DeSantis is not willing to let it lay there, he came out and issued a scathing rebuke against the press and their apocalyptic predictions for his state, part of what made the state lockdown for a month.

The governor showed slides of media stories warning that Florida would quickly run out of hospital beds while predicting the state would be the “next New York” or even a disastrous “uber Italy.”

Instead of panic, the state with one of the most vulnerable populations, due to the practice of many to retire to that state, fared much better then the big states did. Much of this was due to the people who had no issue practicing social distancing. The elderly avoided congregating, thus this problem we effectively handled without the draconian restrictions put in place with states like Michigan, California, and New York.

“We need to focus on facts and not fear,” said DeSantis. “I think that there’s been a lot that’s been done to try to promote fear.”

“They said Florida was going to be just like New York or an ‘Uber Italy’ when it came to hospitalizations and fatalities. This was wrong. It’s time to focus on the facts and follow a safe, smart and step-by-step plan for recovery.”

DeSantis posted a graphic of a Washington Examiner piece titled, “Florida could be the next New York in the coronavirus outbreak.”

Similar red alert headlines comparing Florida to the crisis in New York were blared by numerous other media outlets.

“Coronavirus could make Florida the next New York,” was the title of an alarming Sun Sentinel article which is currently titled “Coronavirus is ravaging New York, and Florida could be next. Are we ready?”  The former title still shows up on search engines.

“As coronavirus cases surge in Florida, fears mount that action came too late,” reads a screeching Washington Post headline from one month ago as New York cases were skyrocketing.

Much of this reaction we see is due to the press. First, they told us that Trump was a xenophobic for daring to shut down travel to and from China. Even Biden got in on the accusations:

DeSantis showed statistics comparing Florida’s fatalities per 100,000 to New York’s higher number even though the Florida population is more significant and skews older. An April 22 map shows 76.2 deaths per 100,000 in New York and 4.0 deaths per 100,000 to Florida. DeSantis used an April 28 graphic showing 117.5 per 100,000 in New York compared to 5.2 in Florida.

New York has had 42,417 estimated hospitalizations. This compared to a reported 3,745 hospitalizations in Florida as of today.

“Saying Florida was going to be like New York was wrong, and people need to know it was wrong,” DeSantis commented.

The Florida governor cited a demographer at the University of California, Irvine, Andrew Noymer, who received widespread media attention when he warned that “Florida is like an uber-Italy.”

“Not just like Italy. Way worse than Italy is what they were trying to say,” DeSantis said of the doomsday predictions.

The press does need to be called out for this, they came and pressed nonstop that we had nothing to worry about, then when we did, they flipped their story, now suddenly they had warned us, it was Trump’s fault, some went so far as to call this the Trump virus.

Let’s Call It Trumpvirus was put out by New York Times opinion writer Gail Collins. She went on an attack of Trump, how putting Pence in charge was going to make this much worse, that somehow Obama, who waited six months to issue a national emergency, was the one that Trump should have learned from. Maybe what we should be doing is writing the New York Times and asking why she is still employed?

We need to have a day of reckoning. We need to hold the reporters and news organizations accountable for the false narrative they gave, one that drove much of what we today are experiencing.

We need to look into the professionals, see if any of them benefited from this lock-down, and yes, this should go all the way up to Dr. Anthony Fauci, see what part of this false narrative he was part of, and if he benefited in any way from this crises.

I want China to pay, had we had the information earlier, we may not have had to shut down, we could have implemented social distancing and had the at-risk people stay at home, our economy did not need to be destroyed.

While I have no issue with what Trump did, we are owed an answer to why the advisors made such terrible predictions, most of which never happened. I understand it is better to use caution then step forward blind, but under advice from the so-called “professionals” this administration shut everything down, maybe it is time to bring better professionals into the fold.

Last, we need to go after these governors that violated our constitutional rights, to demand answers from others that told people at the start of this not to listen to the government and go out and mingle, then screamed they were victimized when they saw cases spike.

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