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The Great Divide – Never Has Such A One Existed Since the Civil War

The Great Divide – Never Has Such A One Existed Since the Civil War

I have been a student of history all my life, find it relaxes me to learn more, my wife said I am like a child on a quest when I find out there is something I don’t know, I just have to dig and dig until I at least have a workable knowledge on the subject. With this in mind, although my first love has always been Middle East Studies I have also kept an eye on the history of the nation I love and live in, America,  Never have I seen the divide, the fight for the national soul of this nation as strong as it is now, the civil war was fought over the rights of the states, slavery as well, but this is different, we are fighting for the moral soul of this nation, and right now we need to understand it is mortal danger. 

Ft Sumter after being attacked.

We are sadly rapidly approaching the same conflict, and I would say the conflict then and now are not that much different. The fight in the civil war contrary to what we are told was never over slavery although it was very much part of the issues at hand, it was about the sovereignty of the states and how much the federal government could hold power over them. Unlike now where we see ourselves no matter where we come from as primarily Americans and secondly as residents of the states, during the civil war they saw things in reverse, their loyalty was to their states first then the nation, when they saw the sovereignty of their state being attacked by what they felt was overreach from the northern states they followed by saying the union could no longer serve their interests and pull out of it it, then quickly formed a union called the Confederate States of American that they felt could. I am not saying that slavery had nothing to do with the conflict but what it fell towards was the rights of the states versus the rights of the national government. Lincoln at the start of the conflict wanted to maintain where slavery was legal not abolish it, that changed after the war started. 

I hope in this conflict unlike the last can be dealt with without having to take up arms, instead of by vote what needs to be done. 

We once more see the states deciding what they want supersedes what the federal government has dictated. While this is good sometimes, it is a two-edged sword, what can be used to protect can also be used in defiance.  A great example is how states now are deciding that they have a right to take away constitutional rights of bearing arms, that their liberal leaders in state capitals say they have a legal right to regulate how the second amendment is applied and to strip away what they can of protection of that right, the federal government today says no, it is the right of the central government to dictate this.  

I could get into Obamacare, medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, immigration. As I stated in “When does the price of our security and safety cost too much?“ Constitutional rights should never been addressed in any way during a emotional event, such as we are going through now, for too many times throughout history people have been too happy to give up their rights to safety, then seeing what they have afterward quickly had buyers remorse, for the federal government once they have your rights are never going to volunteer to give them back. 

The comparisons don’t just stop there; when the successions were ongoing with states lining up in the south to leave the union, you had Virginia that tried to force what part of the state wanted nothing to do with. So exactly, the nation split up North Virginia decided that if the Southern part of the state wanted to join the south, they had a right to break free from the state to stay with the north.

The northern part of the state used an act that caused both the North and Southern parts of the Carolina’s to split prior to the Revolutionary war to say they could not deal with the central state’s government demanded a right to be free and broke up, but they were still part of the commonwealth, it was the same way that South Virginia said they wanted to break from the south and have their state. 

We see this with California today, I had written on this with Due To Liberal Tyranny California Could Split In Two, you have two parts of the state ideologically opposed to each other, a very liberal central government following what the coastal parts of California want demanding that the much more conservative area’s in the majority of the states land wanting nothing with this madness are now looking at breaking off from the state because they can no longer stomach their progressive liberal ideology forced on them.

We see this split not only in one state, you have in the state I live in, Wisconsin that most of the state is very conservative, yet you go to Madison, Milwaukee and Racine you have very liberal area’s of the state, in the same way, that the more rural area of California as opposed to what the central government is doing, We see this with these cities taking up and attacking what they see as too conservative moves by the State’s Government which to vote is more like conservative parts of the state.

This is very much why when Governor Walker decided to take on the States Unions, a move that the liberals crossed the line moved to demand a revote, one that in spite of more money then has ever been invested in a state’s race they still lost because the rest of the state felt as the governor did. Thankfully Wisconsin did not take kindly to people outside the state telling us how our vote the first time did not count, so in the recall vote, we voted with even a greater margin to keep our governor in office. This was the third recall election in our nation’s history, and it was the first one where the governor being recalled won the vote

We see these same type of attacks grow in scope now, personally think they come from the left thinking that they were going to see Hilary in office, they had the press tell them and all of us so many times that she and not our current president was going to win they thought it was a shoe in that she was the next president, then the people spoke, they found out otherwise and thus started the great denial. This has over the last year grew from a movement of people not liking the results to now outright sedition against our current administration, this was gone over with Democrats – Sliding from Sedition to Treason, how the left has moved from what was seen as unacceptance to outright trying to attack and remove a sitting legally elected leader from office; and not due to any criminal acts, just because they and the press along with the Deep State find his election has put a crimp in their plan, thus they have openly stated they are willing to go to any means, even treason to remove him. 

This movement has gotten so bizarre that first, we had a liberal press pushing after the elections that our electors in the electoral college could defeat Trump if only they voted for a Republican, any, so long as it was not him. We had stars on commercials appealing to the same people to please vote for anyone but Trump, they were happy if it was anyone, even Cruz (whom they all hate), so long as Trump was not elected. 

We have seen now that what they did not wish to happen, it happened, then the left and the press went into high gear, the collusions stories started, seems they were far too quick to forget what the president they so loved said about the ability of the Russians to sway the elections.

Turns out that both Obama and the left once Trump won,  ignored exactly what they Trump and his supports on, instead of accepting the election like Obama told us to do, he along with the left set up a government behind the elected government to do what they could to unseat the president. He said that one way to weaken this democracy was to not accepting the election, then the press who so gleefully showed this were far too happy to parrot this, when the election was over, forgot they said this.  Even Obama himself said there was no proof seen of any vote tampering, yet listen to the press you would believe otherwise. Hering others like Maxine Waters, the greatest quack in Washington DC, was using every platform to demand that Trump is impeached. 

We saw Meuller assigned then to try to do what the election, the stars, the left could not, ignore the will of the people and throw out the duly elected president. We saw that he, whom I believe is part of the deep state right away put in place no conservatives on his team rather put only liberals and independents on his staff. People we later found out were openly conspiring to unseat and throw the elections, turns out we should have been more concerned by the collusion and sabotage of our election not by the Russians rather by Deep State Actors from the left. 

We have now even heard the same ramblings we heard prior to the Civil War, Hollywood Reporter, a far left magazine that the left loves to read, they were openly reporting on how now the twitter trend was showing a sudden rise in support for California to exit from the Union, funny how now the same state has a large portion of the state want to cede from them. We have heard rumblings from other enclaves in states as well, but no place is it held on in a larger state level than in California. 

We now see moves by states from Main to New York, California to Washington where there are moves by stated to try to actively resist any legislation that Trump is making. We have seen courts trying to direct the White House how to make up laws, putting holds on Trump’s directives in a way they are not legally able to, the resistance is slowing exposing itself, and one can only hope that we will call them out for what they are. If the stated decide they wish to cede from the US, then maybe it is time for we the people to do what our founding fathers told us, to take up arms and put an end to it. I for one love this nation, but I would never sit idly by while I saw legislators ignore the will of the people and move to break up this great nation that I when I pledged when I went into the military to protect, I have never been told that this no longer applies to me.


About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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