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Gun Control Is Not an Option

Gun Control Is Not an Option

Since the tragic shooting in Sutherland Springs and Las Vegas, Democrats have ramped up their anti-gun rhetoric.

This outrage is despite the fact that responsible gun owners are often heroes in these situations. For example, the gunman in Sutherland Springs was chased down by a civilian with a gun.

The reality of the situation is that gun control is not an option even if we wanted it. Gun control is simply not possible without a widespread breach on civil liberties and a giant logistical problem.

Democrats point to countries with no guns, such as Japan, as an example to follow. The Yakuza, a Japanese gang, may have a small supply of firearms that were smuggled into the country, but they generally do not use them.

In 2014, only six people in Japan died from gun violence.

We cannot realistically emulate the success of countries like Japan on gun prohibition alone. There are already as many guns as people in the United States and they are not going anywhere soon.

As for Japan, they have a culture of weapons prohibition that goes back for centuries. The Meiji Restoration brought the ban on swords in the 1860s.

This culture carried on into the present day. A sword prohibition became a gun prohibition. There was never a widespread proliferation of guns in Japan. They never needed to seize firearms.

In the United States, on the other hand, guns have been present since the nation’s inception. The Second Amendment ensures our right to bear arms, and we have preserved this culture since then.

The United States has more guns than any other country by far. We already have more guns than people.

A Japan-style gun prohibition is logistically impossible in the United States. There is simply no way that the government could seize every single firearm in this country, and there is no way that we would willingly surrender our firearms.

If we were to stop the sale of all firearms, the 300 million plus firearms currently in the United States would enter and strengthen the black market. In the black market, any sort of background checks or regulations would be bypassed. Firearms would also be more concentrated in the hands of criminals because they have a higher propensity to utilize the black market.

More “moderate” Democrats might concede that a ban on guns would be impossible, but claim we must strengthen background checks, ban ammo, or ban certain types of guns.

The “moderate” approach would likely not stop gun crime. Those moderate measures would certainly not be enough to deter a dedicated criminal from finding the appropriate weapons and ammo to commit their crime. Many cases of gun violence are already committed with some sort of illegal weaponry.

The question should be focused on why criminals decide to commit these violent acts. Mental health, poverty, and religious extremism are the culprits; guns are not.

The only way to ensure one is safe from gun violence in America is by being armed. We must take it upon ourselves to defend our families and communities from those who seek to harm us.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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