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Gun Control….Switching The Narrative By the Left

Gun Control….Switching The Narrative By the Left

As we have sadly seen, once more a senseless slaughter by some deranged fool who should not have been able to get his hand on a gun, and the easily predictable behavior from the left to take the tragedy to push a narrative. Truthful perspective is never sought, instead, we see a race to see who can put out the most emotional call to their followers, facts be damned, we want to sensationalize what has happened, the call of the day, more amped up messages about gun control.

We look at this slaughter in Texas we see a very big difference tween there and what has gone on in Vegas; first, the shooter was active across social networks, the Las Vegas shooter was not, in fact much about him a month later is either not known or the leadership in Vegas does not want us to know the truth. We have the beginnings of a motivation in Texas, sadly we still have nothing told to us yet from Vegas, instead we find silence and the hotel where the shooting happened along with its parent company working feverishly to stop anything from coming out that could possibly put them in a bad light.

So what do we know so far of Las Vegas, Vegas is too much of a black hole to even speculate over, we have a shooter, no one knew anything at this point about him, he was silent in regards to social activities over the internet, there are no friends that are coming out and saying they saw something like this coming up. Furthermore, it seems like we are seeing interference ran from the ownership of the property where the shooting was from to the Mayor’s office, Carolyn Goldmark Goodman, who ran as an independent but has shown in candidates who she has supported and backed that she is actually a Democrat. One has to wonder, is much of the silence due to the narrative when it is told will show something that she and the left will find uncomfortable, will not be convenient to the narrative the left wants to present, there was a conservative older white male bent on homicidal rage? What is more, the total lack of interest in this by the left mouthpiece, oops, I mean the liberal press, what could very well be is they know this as well, are frantically moving to take the eyes of the nation off of this so as to move on from it.

In Texas we know the know the shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, was an ex-air force vet who was discharged and put in prison while in the Air Force for attacking and beating his girlfriend and her son, was sentenced to one year of confinement in the Air Force Stockade, then was given a dishonorable discharge. Under US law the military is obligated to report these type of crimes to civilian authorities, this the Air Force failed to do, had they done so Devin Kelley would not have been able to legally purchase a weapon to start with.

And this is where the narrative of the left starts to fall apart. They claim this is due to lax gun laws, that is incorrect, this was due to a clerical error, a terrible one at that (which the military is now running an internal review to see it does not happen again), had the laws been followed they would have worked so far as Devin being able to legally obtain a weapon. To claim that somehow some type of law would have prevented this, that is pure nonsense, what he did was take a semi-automatic weapon, too time to get off shots at every person, the fact that almost everyone in the church was struck at least once shows that he did so with a well thought out plan, one he implemented on that terrible day. So would new gun laws fix this? No, but if the Air Force had done what they should have the laws that do exist would have prevented this needless tragedy.

These facts are not what we hear from the press, from political activist, the democratic mouthpiece, oops, there I go again, I mean the leftist press like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the rest, they present this as a failure of laws put in place.

In the process of reporting they blame the NRA, the blame the lack of gun laws, but never once do they blame this shooting on a clerical error on the Air Force, the fact that if there were stricter gun laws in place, then the man with the gun would not have been able to confront this shooter and stop what could have been a much, much worse killing. What is more, you now hear idiots like Keith Olberman and his constant childish attacks on the GOP and Trump:

Then what has to be the stupidest of his tweets, he attacks Trump for not daring to call for the death penalty of the shooter who was already dead from a self-inflicted gunshot:

Not wanting to fill up pages with the ignorance from the left, we see the same from Silverman, Manning, Whoopi Goldberg and the ladies from the five, along with most of Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon (Funny how so many of them have armed security around them, isn’t it?). We have seen a complete lack of none bias reporting to outright attacks, lack of concern over facts, reporting of rumors as if they were facts. We at 0censor received emails from people claiming to know the shooter, we refused to report on it unless they could be confirmed, which naturally was not the case, yet the press today are presenting rumors as facts, then ignoring the facts that don’t match up to the rumors they are spewing, and they wonder why trust in the media is at an all time low with national trust for the media less then it is for congress (that almost takes a negative number), that is the exact reason why if we are speculating we state as much, and if rumors can’t be confirmed we will not do an injustice to our readers by reporting them. 

What we have once more is the left playing on a tragedy to push their agenda, either omitting facts or presenting half-truths to push a narrative more based on fiction than fact. The problem has never been gun control, rather it has been the inability to act on the laws already created. One has to ask if the government can’t act on laws they already have in place, what on earth makes you think they will be able to act on even more strict gun laws?


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