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Harris Changes Platform, Stances And Race Like A Chameleon

Harris Changes Platform, Stances And Race Like A Chameleon

Written by Timothy Benton and John Brodigan.

Biden promised that he would pick an African American as a running mate, yet turned around and picked a woman with a Jamacan mixed race father and an Asian Indian mother, claimed she was black.

In all fairness, her father does have some Sub-Saharan DNA in him but is like Obama, more white than black. Yet here is Harris, who said she was Indian when she was sworn in, now through the miracle of science has turned into an African American.

Kamala Harris: How immigrant parents shaped her life

Kamala Harris, when she was sworn into the Senate, was sworn in as the First Asian Indian American legislator, yet now she has culturally taken the black race and said she is black.

Kamala Harris' Father Slams Her for Stereotyping Jamaicans for Smoking  Marijuana – EURweb

It turns out with Democrats; you can switch genders and races as long as it promotes your goals; one should not be surprised by this; they seem to do it all the time.

What is more, Harris claims that she was part of the second wave that forced desegregation in schools, yet was this true? The truth is even before she was born this was being done, data from the Berkeley Unified School District shows the school had 15 black students in 1963 — a year before Harris was born. So how was she instrumental in this? Turns out the truth is not exactly as she is claiming.

Joe Biden picked Kamala yesterday as his VP, it turns out the party that preaches at all of us none stop about racism decided that the only way Biden could pick a running mate had to be based off of race. Can we say, hypocrite?

Biden most likely picked her as his attack dog; he can stay in his basement, then have her go out and start attacking his opposition while he sits and bumbles about in solitude.

One has to ask themselves if, in 2016, Trump had said he is narrowing his pick to a white man because whites make up over 70% of the American population, would not have the Democrats screamed racism? If this is the case, how is it any less racist when we see them doing the opposite?

This was for the most part due to Biden needed to make up to the African Americans in America for the outright racist statements he has said lately (see JOE BIDEN: LATINOS ARE DIVERSE, UNLIKE THE AFRICAN AMERICANS and JOE BIDEN JUST ASKED A BLACK REPORTER IF HE DOES COCAINE. NO, REALLY.).

But will Kamala Harris really help Biden with the African-American community? Let me #PassTheMic to the Hodgetwins, who have their doubts.

Personally, if Biden was looking to improve his interracial relations, I can think of someone better:

Condoleezza Rice to Trump: Don't always try to be your own adviser

I know this would go against your party line, but Rice would have been a so much better than Harris, they aren’t even in the same ballpark, or maybe you could have appealed to the left, drove the left crazy at the same time, picked out someone that is black, not afraid to speak her mind, and will be honest:

Candace Owens - Wikipedia

Silly identity politics and the way leftists view race aside, Biden picking Harris is completely uninspired. The 2020 election as a whole is uninspiring, but that’s for another time. Kamala Harris is a liberal. Joe Biden is a liberal. He picked a liberal to be his running mate on the Democrat ticket. Meh.

Harris was always the least authentic of all the primary candidates while also being the first to pander to the nutjobs who make up the Democrat base. Having that to go by, she is the person I would least want to see as president. That’s the biggest concern with Harris as the veep pick, especially with a guy who is lucky he remembers to wear pants at the top of the ticket. Or, at the top of the ticket for now. I’m still not convinced Biden makes it to the first debate.

Once more, we are stuck with an uninspiring group of people on the left that are so far to the left they are going to lose the center of this nation, the ones that decide elections.

I guess another part of me is not upset; I want to thank Biden, I think Trump should call him and congratulate him, he just gave Trump another four more years with this pick.

The problem I and others have is not that Harris is Asian Indian, it is if we tried to culturally appropriate another race to increase our chance of winning a election, the Democrats would be the first to scream how this is wrong, yet this is exactly what Harris and the left is doing.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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