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Welcome to 0Censor

Welcome to 0Censor

We would like to welcome you to our site, at 0censor we take the protection of speech as our highest priority. We believe at 0censor that the freedom to voice your opinions is of utmost importance, a responsibility we take very seriously.

While we may not agree with everything, others write on this site, and I am sure many of you will feel the same about what we or others post, the best way to learn to view different sides of an issue is to listen, not censor what you feel is wrongful or hateful. We believe the way to correct wrong or incorrect thought is to expose it to facts, show the truth, let the audience decide.

The risk of censorship is two-fold, and the reason we will never do this, if you censor someone you make them feel justified in their speech, they think you are shutting them down because you can’t handle their truth, also you cause this speech to be viewed on by some of the viewers as something they really want to know about, otherwise why would you hide it. If you debate with an honest debate, share ideas, if a speech is wrong, then expose it with the truth, you in the process reveal the speech and the speaker, this is how you battle lousy idea’s, not shut them down.

I would like to end this with the promise that no censorship will ever be tolerated from anyone, the only time 0censor will get involved is if speech is promoting psychically harming someone, or your speech is encouraging criminal activity or posting about such action that you already have committed.

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