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Here’s the Real Reason Jacob Blake Was Handcuffed to His Hospital Bed

Here’s the Real Reason Jacob Blake Was Handcuffed to His Hospital Bed

By the Associated Press.

Jacob Blake is no longer handcuffed to his hospital bed, as he had been following a police shooting in southeastern Wisconsin, his attorneys said Friday.

A Kenosha police officer shot Blake seven times in the back on Sunday while responding to a domestic abuse call.

Kenosha’s streets have been filled with protests and violent rioting every night since the shooting.

Blake was wanted on suspicion of felony sexual assault when he was shot. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said Blake remained in custody in the hospital under the felony arrest warrant.

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“He’s being guarded because he’s under arrest and it was for an outstanding warrant for third-degree sexual assault,” Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis said Friday.

Blake’s attorney in the sexual assault case said Friday that the arrest warrant, in that case, had been vacated, although charges remain.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that Blake was no longer in custody because he has posted bond and deputies are no longer guarding him at the hospital.

Blake’s father told the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday that he was upset to learn his son was handcuffed to his hospital bed in Milwaukee since he’s paralyzed from the waist down.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers responded “hell, yes,” when asked during a news conference whether he was concerned about Blake being handcuffed. The governor said Blake had already paid a “horrific price.”

“Fortunately, a man who is paralyzed and fighting for his life after being shot seven times in the back will no longer have to deal with the pain of having his ankles and wrist shackled and the traumatic stress of being under armed guard,” Blake’s attorneys in the shooting case, Ben Crump, Patrick Salvi, and B’Ivory Lamarr said in a statement.

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