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Hey Democrats, What About Us Americans?

Hey Democrats, What About Us Americans?

When I turn on the news, find out that Democrats are willing to shut down our government, not for something that we the Citizens will benefit from, instead it is what they think the illegal immigrants, the dreamers will benefit from, I start to wonder, do Americans even matter to them? How in any way does their stance on illegal immigration improve the lives for the rest of us?

We have seen even back in early November that the crumbling school infrastructure that inner cities, the very places they keep pulling votes from, have faced for years, what is more amazing, the openly do this. Yes, they give lip service that they may want to fix them, but take a look at what they have put an effort shows nothing is being done.

The same thing with states, take New Jersey, the first thing the new Democratic governor does upon taking office is not to fix their crumbling schools, the potholes in the roads, the rail lines that need fixing? No he sets up as his first act a new post to set up a new state program that will give information to illegals to resist the Federal Immigration laws. But this is not all; they are also setting up programs to aid in their college tuition, their obtaining license. Amazing, you have their American citizens that need help with getting a license, but the would rather look out for none citizens.

I have to wonder, if the inner cities finally wake up, the majority of America realizes that these people have no concern for them, what will the DNC do when they stop making their votes a sure thing? We have already seen the black community starting to grow in their votes for the GOP, here is their votes in 2008, 2012 and 2016

Here is a graphic that shows their historical votes:

We have seen from the 1930’s to 2012 a steady decline in membership with the GOP, but Trump came along, you start to see what he said did cause some of the votes to flip, here are the 2016 results:

We have seen since the last election a three percent jump with all but one group, the 30-44 age group; even they rose by 1%.

While these numbers are still small, if Trump can pick up a 50% growth, or better yet double the numbers, this will start to cause problems with the votes the Democrats know are theirs, ones they don’t think they have to work for, so they turn all their attention to the illegal immigrant immigration concerns. 

Much of this could be due to unemployment, under Obama the rates for young black males was the highest of all demographic group, today they are at 6.8% in December, 2017, this is in comparison to 8.4 percent in 2016, in 2015 9.1%, 2014 11%, 2o13 14.6%, this goes up to the highest figures, in 2010, when Obama took office it was at 16%.

One has to ask, he did nothing but keep the figures at extreme rates, if you look at after the Trump victory, unemployment started to drop rapidly as employers came to expect a large tax drop, a willingness of Trump to work with them, rather then against them, why are blacks voting for Obama and the DNC, what have they done for them?

The DNC has played the race card now for years; if you don’t vote for them then you are an Uncle Tom, this shell is now not just getting little chips in its hardened exterior, it is starting to crack all over the place. If the current economic trends under Trump continue, does not matter what the talking heads on the liberal Fake News have to say, the people will vote with the realization of what Trump is doing for them, this could be very well why the DNC is making such a hard push to get people into our nation who they think will be beholding to them.

It is time to throw them out, if you think immigration and illegal migrants are of more concern then the people that voted you in, you need a new vocation.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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