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Hey Europe, In Spite Of Your Naysaying, Trumps Iran Sanctions Working.

Hey Europe, In Spite Of Your Naysaying, Trumps Iran Sanctions Working.

We were told by our European allies when Trump pulled out of the abysmal Obama Iran deal that this would not work, the Europeans have turned their backs on the US to still deal with Iran, but Trump held the course, now Europe is dropping trade with Iran, they now are finding themselves running out of funds. The decried the renewal of sanctions, but now we see that they are working.

Iran has told their proxies that they no longer have almost limitless funds for them, Hezbollah is putting out charity boxes to fund themselves, Hamas is tightening their spending, other terrorist groups are now actively seeking alternative funding sources, all because as Iran ran out of the billions Obama sent them, the Sanctions re-instituted by Trump, we now see Iran coming into a financial crises themselves. Maybe these measures worked after all Europe, what would you say?

Many on the left in our own country cried out over Trump’s moves, Obama and Kerry were the most vocal, Kerry even traveled to Iran to try to calm them, tell them to hold on, Trump should be gone quickly (Can we say Logan Act violations?).

This seems to be a recurring theme with John Kerry, maybe he never got the note that he is no longer the Sec. Of State, he has no legal right to go and try to negotiate deals with other nations contrary to what the Trump administration is perusing, this is the definition of violating the Logan Act, I would be careful if I were him. Trump has even called out for this to be looked at and see if the law has been violated, will Kerry be the first ex-official to be charged under this law? Sadly, Kerry is not the only one from the last administration doing this, Obama himself has been guilty of violating this law.

With all the yelling that Turkey and the EU had gone on about this renewal of sanctions, when the Trump administration said no longer were they going to offer any wavers, the rest of the nations were given a choice – either keep trading with Iran, and lose the most significant economic power in the world as a trading partner, or give them up and continue the relationship with the US.

Many bulked at this idea, said Trump was violating their sovereignty, that is pure nonsense, they could trade, just not with the US if they continued their trade with Iran.

Iran is now reacting to feeling their purse strings tightening to a strangulation point, in the past they would fire up their proxies and attack the nation that was causing conflict through them, then claim their hands were clean, Trump changed that. Now it is US policy – if you attack us, or your proxies do, we will hold you equally guilty of the attack and will respond accordingly, Iran has found its hands tied, either stop or go to war.

As with North Korea, Trump’s Teddy Roosevelt type of response, but rather then talk softly and carry a big stick, he has revised it to telling them bluntly and weld even a bigger stick, it is working, nations know, if you push, Trump will do exactly as he promised.

Trump policy – Tell Nations Exactly What You Are Going To Do If They Threaten The US, Then Back It Up With A Huge Stick.

The Trump Doctrine has shown us it will work, as we have seen North Korea bend to his will, now we are looking at Iran at the point of being broke, no longer able to afford the support they have given to the terrorist proxies they have traditionally supported due to a drying up of revenue. Time will tell if they come back to the table, but one has to wonder, how long will the people of Iran be willing to suffer for the sins of their leadership?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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