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Hey Press and Democrats, Stop Calling This Election For Biden, This is Far From Over.

Hey Press and Democrats, Stop Calling This Election For Biden, This is Far From Over.

We have heard the press make the call, Biden is the president-elect, but is this premature?

With this call, the press quickly turned against Trump, even FOX news, a supporter of the president has turned on him, refusing to report on the inconsistencies within the election. Further, we are finding out the wife of the CEO of FOX was working actively with the Democrats to make sure Trump did not win the election, but then the inconsistencies started to show up, Trump responded.

Yet is this election over? We don’t think so, that is why 0censor has held that the election is not yet decided.

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Right after the election, the supreme court ruled in Wisconsin that ballots that arrived late could not be counted, yet other states have allowed this, something that is currently being challenged in the court and will be brought before the Supreme Court. This could erase the late-night and next day surge we saw in state after state for Biden, thus possibly costing him the election. Currently the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Texas are currently having these same laws under challenge, except for Texas (which has been called), and North Carolina (which is not yet down with their count), we could see Trump hold these states with a stronger hold, and could swing Pennsylvania towards his camp, this would cut down Biden’s lead from 290 to 270, and pick up Trump’s numbers from what looks like now from 235 to 255.

But this is only the beginning. Georgia is demanding a recount after election irregularities after over 100,000 ballots came in, all voting for Biden, a statistical impossibility, these could very well get tossed out. With a lead of just 16,000 Georgia could and should switch over to supporting Trump, this will then put Trump at 271 electoral votes to Biden’s 254.

Adding more to this is the problem with their ballot machines, this was first found in Michigan, where a ‘glitch’ caused over 6,000 votes for Trump to be instead listed as Biden votes. We are now finding this same program was used in thirty states, thus calling into question how legitimate the vote count was.

The final nail in the coffin is the ruling but Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito acting as a judge on an appeals court, ordering Pennsylvania election officials to keep separate ballots, the ones that came in late from the ones done on time.

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This is huge because all the states under Democrat leadership changed election rules, some just days before the election. Yet none of this was done by the state’s legislators, which is how the constitution states it has to be done; instead, non-elected appointed officials made these moves, something in direct violation of Article 2, section 1 of the constitution, where only the congress of the state, not specified officials have the legal authority to dictate changes in the election process. Instead, what we have seen are appointed officials making changes with no input from the legislators. 

It turns out that the press and Big Tech are doing what they can to alter these facts, the reason is simple if Trump succeeds and wins the election the next narrative will be that Trump ‘stole’ the election, they will point to the popular vote, which Biden leads by 76,384,930 to 71,469,738 votes, yet if these ballots are thrown out, fraudulent ones, we could see Biden’s numerical lead tighten up or end up losing this as well.

Trump could very well pull this off. This is why we will not call this election until the recounts, and legal processes are done. Sadly this is not what MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Time, Newsweek, CNN, and even FOX are following; they are so eager to rid themselves of Trump they have lost all credibility in calling states before this process is done.

What is worse, they have set up millions of Americans to think the election has already been decided; it isn’t. How do we think these people will react if they think this victory was robbed from them? The riots and chaos that will assuredly follow, this should be on these site’s hands.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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