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Historic Meeting After A Wasted One At The G7

Historic Meeting After A Wasted One At The G7

Today we are witnessing what has never been done, a historic meeting between North Korea’s hermit kingdom’s leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump. The fact that less than a year ago they were threatening each other with nuclear war is astounding.

We also have Trump finishing up the G7 summit where the world leaders tried to browbeat Trump on his incorrect attitude, then as he left trying to work out a deal, offering all tariffs dropped if they would do the same, nothing got done, well other then Canada’s Prime Minister trying to act like he and his nation were the victims.

The Historic Meeting

I have heard people say that Trump is such a great negotiator, he is after all the one that wrote the book, The Art of the Deal, but this is a different negotiation, even though all negotiations carry some of the same moves, when dealing with two countries, their interests, you have a whole new set of parameters that need to be not only explored but acknowledged.

It is due to this that many times the first meeting while it may seem that not much gets done, although there is usually some type of goodwill gesture from both sides to allow the leaders to go home with something from the meeting, what most likely will be done is laying a groundwork for further talks, both then will retire back to their respective nations to allow their delegation to work out the smaller details.

I caution all to take a trip back in history, we also had a president who was very strong in condemnation of another nation, this too had nukes they were placing the US at risk. The time was 1985, and the two had were the USSR and the US. Gorbechov was the leader of the USSR, Reagan the president of the US, after months of rhetoric, him going to Berlin and in front of the Berlin Wall gave his famous “Gorbechov, Tear Down this wall speech,” it was due to this, and a rapid increase in funding the American military that the USSR could not keep up with, in the end, the USSR that threatened to bury us during the Kennedy administration is now buried itself.

I will never say that President Trump is an eloquent speaker after the manner of Reagan, but I do know that when it comes time to dig one’s heels in and demand that some type of deal be made, that is not just beneficial to the opposing side, he is every bit as good as Reagan was. Further, unlike Present Reagan, we have seen the world go through a monumental shift further to the left, governments at the time of Reagan did not have the other governments screaming bloody murder when he called evil, evil. Nor were our allies as far left leaning, but I would say that some of them were every bit as willing to appease than as they are now.

Further, Reagan had a core of world leaders that were on his side, from Thatcher to Helmut Kohl, that had really good relationships with Reagan and the US, today there is in reality only Prime Minister Netanyahu that has stood by Trump, and Trump has in all fairness responded in kind with Bibi. Our allies, from the Prime minister of England, Theresa May, whom in England is considered a conservative leader, in the US she would not be viewed as anything less than another center left-leaning Democrat.

Add to this leaders from Germany to France, along with other nations we are allied with, have such disdain for Trump, much of this is due that unlike other Presidents in the past, President Trump has no problem calling them out and pointing out when they are acting like less than a friend, such undiplomatic acts are something the Europeans are not used to, our friends like Canada are used to taking advantage of us, then scolding us for not being as progressive as them, Trump has called and continues to call their Prime Minister out for this, just yesterday tweeted this about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Now Trudeau never responded to the dairy tariffs; the reason is they do have them in place, the fact that when Trump was leaving Trudeau told the press that Canada would go ahead with retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products on July 1 if steel and aluminum tariffs aren’t dropped.

“I have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing, but it is something that we absolutely will do, because Canadians, we’re polite, we’re reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around,” Trudeau said.

Trump was correctly angry, Trudeau was there when Trump announced that all was well, misunderstandings were resolved, he stood there and agreed, then waited until Trump was on Air Force One, headed towards the Summit, then came out with his statement, Trump responded.

Trump had used more inflammatory rhetoric, accusing the allies of taking advantage of the U.S.

“We’re like the piggy bank that everybody’s robbing, and that ends,” Trump said. “It’s going to stop or we’re going to stop trading with them.… If they retaliate, they’re making a mistake.”

What the trade summit turned out to be was the globalist leaders trying to push their agenda on Trump, Trump, like he has said time after time, is tired of the US picking up the majority of the tab to protect Europe because they would rather spend their resources on domestic programs, many times to protect a people who aren’t citizens, who openly speak of how they hate Europe and all it stands for. They then lecture the US on why we should do the same, but also demand we spend our money to on their defense so they can continue. In Trump’s own words:

There is also the move by Europe to transfer wealth, specifically wealth from the US to third world countries; Trump is having none of it.

After having Obama and his cronies lecture the world, happily went along with the Europeans as they apologized to the world, hung their heads down in shame that they made this world a better place, forgetting all the benefit they had given while only concentrating on the negative, apologizing to our enemies for daring to react to their terror or not submitting to their radical agenda (radical Islam), they now have to deal with someone that wants no part of this lunacy, the EXACT reason we voted for him in November of 2016. While the world got used to terrible deals, billions being paid out for hostages with Obama, those days are past, like many that have benefited unjustly, the fact that the teet is cut off, they now are crying out in anger and shock.

The days of demanding the US pass our hard earned wealth, collected over generations to appease some worldview was rejected in the last election, something that shocked the establishment, the press, and the players in the deep state, we Americans want our nation back, the most important thing to us is to first take care of ourselves, then after having had made this nation great once more we can concentrate on others.

We see this now being played out in both foreign and domestic policies from this administration, pushing out the old way of doing things, bringing back something new to put in its place. While the bluntness of our president may be shocking to many, at this time shocking the world out of their sleep, telling them the giant, known as America, is awake once more, we have woken up; now we are taking our place in the front, no more leading from behind.

He started with the Europeans, telling them if you are going to expect the US to give both resources and blood to protect you, you have to give back your fair share. With foreign adversaries, no more are we going to pay them to behave; if you aren’t, then we are going to bring out the big stick and let them know what will be coming will not be pleasant.

I think Trump is doing this correct, instead of paying, giving in to one-sided deals, he is telling Kim Jong Un, you come to the table in a civilized manner, not play games, we will open a path you currently don’t have, a way to dig your nation out of the mess it has created due to its interactions with whom it sees as adversaries, threatening and bullying people to comply with its wishes, then saying they will give in to get something, and after a short period refusing to honor their word.

See the source image

Trump and the United States has put them on notice, we are willing to try to create a relationship on trust and mutual understanding, if you don’t, we will walk away, then double down on the sanctions that are making you so miserable now.

As I said in the beginning, please don’t expect a whole agreement to be created by the time the two depart, there may be a framework to put such a thing in motion, but there is much to do, and such little time to do it with.

At this point, after the idiocy of the G7 meeting with leaders trying to browbeat Trump, and not getting very far, having a productive meeting, even if it is a chance to get to know one another, set up ground rules for the next set of meetings, like Reagan did, will be a breath of fresh air. And there is also the benefit, if Trump does succeed in getting this done, you will start to see total terror and shock on the faces of the liberals as their leaders scramble to try to lie about why Trump continues to succeed.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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