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Hollywood’s Ugly Truth

Hollywood’s Ugly Truth

Hollywood’s Ugly Truth

All that glitters is not gold, it is not nor has ever been the beauty we see on the screen, it is a mirage, camera magic to cover the truth, what you see when you look at Hollywood behind the camera, their meltdown’s and their ugliness displayed for all to see, you get a much, much different picture. They have for so long been happy to throw stones at everyone’s else windows, yet when you throw rocks, as they have been so quick to do, may not wish to do so when you live in a house made of glass, for there is a lot more glass to hit, kind of hard to miss!

The last eight years the American people have been subjugated to the ramblings of the leftist Hollywood elite, they dined with Obama, campaigned for Hillary, stood on their perches in high places, lectured us over our failings as they proceeded to display their moral superiority for the world to see, one slight problem, all that glitters is not gold, sometimes it is used to cover up an ugly mess, so we will have our attention drawn away from the nasty side of the Hollywood elite. 

The darlings of the left are now leaving a wrong impression on the whole of America as the truth is exposed, you now see them scrambling to distance themselves the sexual harassment, the cover-up because of the power one held, for years making up excuses while they attacked everyone else with moral outrage for the same thing.

We saw George Clooney stand in front of the world and preach about bringing in refugees, but when they got to close to the gilded palace he fled, did not like what they were bringing; we saw Matt Damon and others like Leonardo DiCaprio implicated with aiding to cover up Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults, the press that so wants to lecture us all the time on our horrible moral failings were also involved in the cover-up, killing stories before they even hit the press. What is more, these same stars that screamed about the moral failings of Trump and the Right we find were involved in doing exactly what they were screaming the loudest about, can we say hypocrite?

We have seen time after time the reaction of these people, they have used the McCarthy trials so long ago to deflect any investigation into their actions, if you dared to do it they would scream from their podiums you were trying to bring back the days of Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism, the reality is far different, what they were in fact doing was deflecting from ever coming under scrutiny, because they lived in gilded homes thought they should be the moral voice of this country, what is more you see this whole thing immersed in Hollywood’s culture, the double standards, what they demand of others, yet the excuses they give when they are not meeting these expectations are getting tiring.

Maybe what we need to understand is they are just actors, they are great at playing for a camera, after all, that is what they do. Instead they are held up as idols, some become outright crazy, you have stars with no medical training telling people they should call them rather than the EMT, they are better qualified with their psychic power, living in their protected gates, they have no need of guns, they have armed guards at their gates, they stupidly seem to think the rest of America is like this.

Their feelings of being safe are due to their bodyguards, they have little fear of being mugged, robed, having their homes broken into, they sure are not worried about people shooting their kids, breaking into their homes and taking what they possess, they have security to watch over them, yet they seem to think the rest of America is like this, so they judge all by the life they are experiencing.

And let’s be realistic, we are not worried about a reporter commenting on the type of shirt or dress one of us wore, we are concerned about making our car payment and putting food on our kids’ plates, along with giving them a safe environment, you Hollywood have no idea what the rest of the country goes through, you act in fantasy and live it everyday life.

It’s time we knock them off their perch, they are great actors and actresses, but they have no clue what the rest of the country goes through as they go through their sheltered life, let’s look to Bob at the hardware store, he has a better clue. The NFL or NBA players, they are clueless about what we are dealing with, instead, let’s find Susan working at Walmart, she does.

I will continue to watch movies, the entertainment is excellent, but when I want to know about foreign relations, I will look to someone in the state department that is actually working with it; when it comes time to see what we have dealing with refugees from terrorist hotspots, I am not going to listen to someone living in gated communities that are not dealing with these people, I will look to soldiers who are fighting them, the ones that see the best and the world of these refugees, they are the ones that have a clue what to look for to keep us safe.

I am not going to listen to an NFL star protesting while they are pampered and live secluded lives, claiming they are oppressed, disrespecting the very people who make their jobs possible, flipping the bird at all their beliefs.

We need to take back this country, look to our family for morals, our minister/priest/imam or Rabbi; they are the ones I will listen to, not one of these people, they think morals don’t apply to them. I will look to the ones that served, that saw friends sacrifice all to keep us safe to see how I should look at patriotism, not what actor who thinks they are Rambo thinks.

We are a great people, Trump will not make us great, neither could Obama, we are the only ones that can do this, it is time we stop fighting, find out what binds us, and move to lift this country to the greatness it is capable of.


About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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