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How Democrats Plan to Take Down Trump

How Democrats Plan to Take Down Trump

It is no secret that since President Trump’s first day in office, it has been a goal of the Democrats to eventually get him impeached.

After losing on taxes among other things, the Democrats have devised a new plan of attack. They want to capitalize on the sexual assault hysteria in politics and their first step was throwing Senator Al Franken under the bus.

Several women accused Franken of sexual harassment, including groping and forcing kisses upon them.

Several Democratic senators, one after another, called on Franken to resign the day before his resignation. One could see statements on social media materializing in what seemed like a coordinated effort.

It started with Senator Kristen Gillibrand, then-Senator Mazie Hirono, and so on.

Eventually, over half of all Democratic senators called for the resignation of Sen. Franken.

The intentions of the Democrats became obvious in their various statements.

Sen. Gillibrand said in her statement: “I believe it would be better for our country if he sent a clear message that any kind of mistreatment of women in our society isn’t acceptable by stepping aside to let someone else serve.”

Her statement left no room for due process; Sen. Franken was guilty in her eyes simply because he was accused. Granted, there were some sketchy photographs involved in this situation, but it stands that Gillibrand did not wait for any sort of investigation or resolution in Franken’s situation.

The Democrats decided to run with the idea that people accused of sexual misconduct do not deserve due process and they are essentially “guilty until proven innocent.” Their aim in using this tactic is to attack Roy Moore and use phony claims against Trump. One of their biggest drawbacks in using these tactics was that Franken was accused of sexual harassment, which made Democrats look hypocritical.

Franken is well-aware of the Democratic plan to use this tactic against Trump. He shamelessly accepted the role of a sacrificial lamb.

In his resignation statement, Franken said: “I of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office and a man who repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.”

Inaccuracies of his statement aside, the Democrat agenda shines through in this statement loud and clear. They are willing to sacrifice one of their most influential senators to simply get a better shot at attacking Trump.

In the coming days, the Democrats will ramp up rhetoric about phony and settled allegations against Trump. Whining about Russia has not worked. Calling Trump supporters “deplorable” has not worked. Attempting to obstruct tax reform has not worked. This will not work either.

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