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How Political Correctness Is Destroying The Olympics

How Political Correctness Is Destroying The Olympics

I grew up watching football, was a die-hard Packer fan until this kneeling, disrespecting the flag started up, then figured, why should I care about it. One of the legions in Green Bay is their QB of old, Brett Favre; he recently came under attack for condemning the Olympics for allowing men to compete in women’s sports, said it was wrong, now the liberal left is outraged at him.

I have seen some of the women doing weight lifting, don’t get me wrong, I would not want to sass off to them, would be a little humiliating to have them pick my fat butt up and throw me across the room, but there is still a difference of this and this:

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Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will be the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympic Games when she represents New Zealand at Tokyo next month

The problem I have is a simple question of fairness. These people train for years; it is hard work, takes years of practice to be an Olympic-level competitor, then to have something like this thrown in the fray, to be politically correct, this needs to stop. It looks like I am not the only one that thinks this.

According to Fox News, Favre stated on his podcast, “It’s a man competing as a woman. That is unfair.”

“If I was a true female — I can’t believe I’m saying that — and I was competing in weightlifting and lost to this person, I would be beside myself,” said Favre.

“It’s not fair for a man, even if this person wants to be a woman or feels compelled — if you want to become the opposite sex, that’s fine. I got no problem with it. But you can’t compete against — males cannot compete against females,” he said.

Others joined in with condemning the whole unfairness of this:

Commenting on the decision on Twitter, Sharon Davies said that Hubbard would have a '30% unfair advantage'.

Hubbard’s former teammate Tracey Lambrechs said last month that the concerns of female-born weightlifters were being ignored.

‘I’ve had female weightlifters come up to me and say ‘This isn’t fair, what can we do?’,’ she told broadcaster TVNZ.

‘Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do because every time we voice it (concerns) we get told to be quiet.’ 


US Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who has introduced legislation which aims to protect women and girls’ right to play sports without competing against biological men, sarcastically said the move by the IOC was ‘totally fair’. 

Cruz, who has previously said legislators cannot ignore biological science when it comes to ‘fair athletic competition’, tweeted: ‘Totally fair.

‘Test: Explain, precisely, why there are separate categories for men’s and women’s sports? 

‘Why not just have generic ‘basketball’ and ‘tennis’ and ‘track’ and weightlifting,’ regardless of gender?  If you have a problem with that, explain why, exactly.’  

Beth Stelzer, an amateur powerlifter in Minnesota, US, who set up charity Save Women’s Sport, said the move to allow Hubbard to compete in the women’s weighlifting category was ‘shameful’. 

She told MailOnline: ‘What the Olympics is doing by allowing males to compete in the women’s category is not only shameful but a mockery of sport. We cannot change our sex.

‘A male cannot become a female by lowering their Testosterone, women are not a hormone level.’ 

Stelzer added: ‘Identities do not play sports, bodies play sports. The rights of females should not end where the feelings of a few males begin. We need to stop complying with these lies and start supporting females.

‘It is like the tale the Emperor’s new clothes. Only the Emperor’s not naked, he is trying to force everyone to say he is a woman. Who is brave enough to say the truth? I am. I encourage you to say it with me, a “transgender woman” is a male.’ 

But there is more than this; we now have a BMX Olympic alternate saying if he goes to the Olympics and competes, he will do his best to win so he can burn the American flag on the podium.

Favre also had something to say about transgender BMX Freestyle competitor Chelsea Wolfe, who made headlines recently for comments she made last year about wanting to burn the American flag on the Olympic podium. Wolfe has qualified as an alternate for the next Games, according to Fox.


“I wouldn’t have her participate in my Olympics; go participate for somebody else. To say that is such a slap in our country’s face. I can’t believe this person can be allowed to participate for our country,” he said.

Since the US does not fund these athletes, maybe it is time we look at their funding sources; if they are willing to stand up and support this type of behavior, we should take our business elsewhere. Obviously, they hate this nation as much as this athlete does.

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