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How The Left Is Setting Up For A Fall

How The Left Is Setting Up For A Fall

With the 2018 election over with, the Democrats flush with their success due to winning back the House, seem to fail to realize, the victory they did have does not strike a great chord.

What has to be remembered when you deal with mid-term elections is first, the party in the White House has in all but two elections lost a significant number of seats in both the Senate and the House. Presidents almost always lose a few dozen House seats in the midterms. Barack Obama lost 63 in 2010, and Bill Clinton lost 52 in 1994. Trump in his first election only lost 31 seats.

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In 2010, Obama lost 63 House seats. In the end, Trump lost about half as many seats as Obama did during his first midterm.

Also, in 2014, while the House was already stocked with a majority of GOP members, Obama still lost 14 seats, he also lost the Senate, something he saw tighten up drastically in 2010. Trump on the other hand, not only did not lose the Senate, he gained seats.

What is most interesting is not only the left ignoring this, with people like AOC they are losing their center left base, they are also moving towards the fringe left faster then I have ever seen before.

What is going to be more interesting is how the reaction of the public is going to be when the Mueller report comes out. Unless there is actual proof of any collusion, half this nation is going to demand why this went on when there was nothing there, about a 1/3 of the nation will say that it was corrupt, will turn around and accuse Mueller of either working secretly for Trump, or better yet, the Russians.

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For the one side, no findings, other then admission of guilt and a call for a execution will ever be satisfactory. I expect at this point the House, to appeal to this more radical element within the DNC, then will try to mount other investigations, the American people will at this point be fed up with this.

We could see a loss in response to this on the order we saw with Obama’s first midterm in 2020, I fully expect a 65 to 70 switch on seats in the Senate back to the GOP, thus giving them a 60% majority, ensuring that as long as GOP members did not jump shit, as we saw with the last Congress, the DNC ability to obstruct would be over.

It would be fitting, it would also quickly shut up the move by the AOC crowd, show them that America is not as ready for their brand of socialism as they think. Sadly I think out of this you will end up with a bunch of very angry far left fringe actors, expect to see the violence from them ratcheted up even more.

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Either way this is going to be done, this is going to radicalize the fringe left even more. The left right now thinks that Trump’s election was a fluke, it was stolen from them, if they lose a second, they are then going to turn violent, demand that they have a right to take by force what they could not at the polls.

Sadly we saw the same behavior by a certain party in Germany in the late ’20s and early ’30s, the common claim that they were far-right actors is very incorrect, I detail this in HOW THE LEFT REWROTE THE HISTORY OF FASCISM. Hitler never won the popular vote, he made moves behind the scenes to steal power by getting a weak and failing Bismarck to sign off on his taking it, then moved in a swift manner to rid himself of any opposition, this seems to be what the leftist radicals, like Antifa wish to do.

We need to hang on, but trust, this nation still has enough patriots to see this time through, who are sitting on the sideline, ready to act if needed, but willing to give support as well.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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