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How The Media Is Pushing False Narratives And Double Standards With The War In Ukraine

How The Media Is Pushing False Narratives And Double Standards With The War In Ukraine

I find this amazing, the Left has been nonstop attacking everyone for being white, saying we should take a back seat due to how we were born, but now a nation – full of whites- this is a crisis that must be faced at all cost. Guess white privilege only counts against you if you are in America.


What is more, we have mass misinformation and attacks against anyone who dares disagree with their view that we should be involved in Ukraine; they know there can only be one explanation, this person must be an agent of Russia, a Puttin loving traitor. The only thing worse than this with the Left is that you should go to jail or be expelled from the country for such a sin if you still support Trump.

The Left has their GOP traitors, such as Adam Kinzinger, who is now accusing Tucker of supporting the Russian invasion.

Isn’t this amazing? If you don’t think we should be involved with aiding a highly corrupt regime that enriched Hunter Biden, helped Hillary Clinton try to undo an election, helped in setting up the Democrat impeachment efforts against Trump, we must run to their aid? I have been attacked because I don’t want my son to fight the Russians over Ukraine. I have told people who support this, send your children; why should I send mine?

I asked Kinzinger the same thing, why does he want me to send my family? Why not his?

Nick Arama of Red State summed this up perfectly:

Tucker Carlson does not “support” the war. Indeed he condemned the war on his show on March 21, noting that he was rooting for the Ukrainians to boot the Russians. What he had expounded on was whether or not it was our fight and to what extent we should be involved. Plus perhaps there were other priorities that we might have. Kinzinger can’t understand the difference. So Kinzinger is just wrong, as he generally is.

But second, so what if he did “support” it? We don’t go after people for “wrong think” in this country. If we did, we’d be like Vladimir Putin and Russia. That’s what Kinzinger is advocating — that the government go after private citizens — a member of the media even — and demand he act in political compliance with what Kinzinger says. That even members of Congress who might disagree with him should be punished for not being in line with the narrative. Can you get more fascistic and Putin-like than that? How is that free speech? Isn’t that suppressing the media? This is a failure on Kinzinger’s part to understand his role as a member of Congress and the Constitution that he allegedly swore to uphold. What Kinzinger is pushing is not America.

It should be noted that Tucker did extend an invite to Kinzinger; naturally, he declined and could not have himself around someone who would make him answer for his stance.


If Kinzinger were the only one doing this, it would be a nut coming out of the closet, but that is not the case. Here you have Stuart Floyd of The Gainesville Sun trying to claim that the GOP was rooting for Russia; he then insinuates that somehow Trump was behind all of this. He must have encouraged Putin to invade. He ignores that Biden opened for Putin to invade and said we would do nothing if he invaded just a little bit.

Last, let’s look at Google, and how they are demonetizing anyone who dares question the war in Ukraine. We by no means think the people are responsible for what has been thrust upon them, but the actions of the West, trying to put Russia in a pincer, and the corruption of the Ukraine government do bear a certain amount of responsibility. Threatening to cut off funding because this is stated is nothing but an attempt to crush free speech by Google, something the US government should take steps to stop.

Am I the only one that finds the ignorance of the Left overwhelming? How do they attack Putin as evil, yet they are silent over the Genocide by China? Why the double standards? Could it be that most of them are on the payroll of China?

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