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How we have lost our way since 9/11

How we have lost our way since 9/11

How We Have Lost Our Direction After 9/11

I don’t know how many of you remember what happened the morning of 9/11, but I remember it vividly, I had taken one of my rare days off of work, wasn’t feeling the best, and as I often had done back then, turned on the News just to keep a ear and eye open to what was going on. Remember reading a book, the TV quietly droning in the background, the first plane had already crashed into the World trade center, but had no idea it was a terrorist attack I heard something and looked up, there on TV was the second plane slamming into the Towers, I knew then that we as a nation and the world was about to change!

I remember reading years ago when the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor, we changed the whole nation, took our economy, switched from a peacetime economy to wartime production. Car manufacturers were making tanks and bombers; washing machine factories were suddenly making fighter prop planes, companies grew out of nothing, we perfected what took years to build, suddenly we were doing so in days, the liberty ships were a great example. 

We called evil – evil, named who the bad actor was, when it came time to stop this actor, we did not worry about collateral damage, they had after all started this by attacking us, all we knew was we were going to finish it, and the only outcome would be an unconditional surrender. 

On 9/11, just like with Pearl Harbor an enemy thought America was week, complacent, we had grown lazy and would do nothing, so the danger in attacking us was not that great, and thus came about Pearl Harbor. But like on 9/11 it had the opposite effect, people ran to join the military, others took to the street and demanded that blood be answered with blood, the need to eradicate this Radical Islamic Menace was soon to be something that should be part of our national psyche, But that is where the is where the similarities ended. 

On 9/11 we faced the same type of attack that kicked off WW2, in the act of infamy (as Roosevelt stated), we saw an enemy without warning attack and destroy our ships at port, on 9/11 they used our jet airlines to crash into symbols of what made America great, just like Pearl Harbor , 9/11 was intended to show that we were not untouchable. American reacted in both cases the same, we cried for the victims, united to help out in any way we could, prayed for the families that lost loved ones, then looked to the ones that did this with righteous anger, Congress came forward just like on 9/11 and gave the president the right to wage war, but that is where the similarities stopped.

On 9/11 there was no rationing, people didn’t purchase war bonds, we saw taxes increase to cover the cost of war, people may have complained, sure many did, but they did so to themselves, did not complain that the cause was not worth the sacrifice, more than the inconvenience was a burden. After 9/11 some Americans rushed to the military to join, they were noble men and woman, willing to fight and put their lives on the line, but far more refused to leave the comfort of their world, did not mind sound bites if they saw none of their lives made harder. American leadership responded by borrowing money and putting massive debts on the American generations to come; people yelled that infringing on personal freedom was unacceptable, well unless they were attacked then demanded answers why more was not done.

As the war went on, both in WW2 and now you had people that grumbled that it might not be worth it, the difference was WW2 only lasted eight years, America itself was just involved in fighting and a war footing for six of these years, but when they were committed they became wholly committed to the fight, changing their whole economy and way of life to win that war, on 9/11 the Americans wanted to sing patriotic songs, stand to support our troops, but they sure did not want their lives to in any be effected, because of this, instead of fighting a war that should have lasted less time than the second world war, we have now been involved in this for 17 years.

There are more reasons than a lack of hardship that has prolonged this war; the other problem is that political correctness has overtaken common sense, we allow others to dictate to us that speaking in truth is somehow offensive. When America should have called out the radical Islam by name, you have many of the people that are actual supporters of these terrorist groups screaming that we are Islamophobic for daring to speak the truth, naturally all they need to do is paint themselves as victims, the left could care less that they are beheading, burning people alive, selling none Islamic women as a sex slave, slaughtering the men and children.

They stand up and call Christians and Jews names, disrespect our founders, people we look up to, call for the death of everyone, but if you dare point out the truth about Mohammad they scream about how badly you offended them, the far left naturally picks this up, does not matter that 98% of all terrorist acts around the world are committed by Muslims over the last 30 years, we are trying to stop this, unbelievably they paint these people as victims, attack our soldiers for fighting them and our politicians for daring to send them to fight. This is what the left is now turning into.

We have gone from a country that knew wrong from right to one that has no clue what is even evil or not, we claim that anyone who does not agree with us is somehow this, but ask for details of why, you get crazy connections like, “The Nazi’s were conservative in thought, so is the GOP, that means they are Fascist. Since we know it is fine to punch a fascist in the mouth, it is, therefore, OK to do the same to a conservative!”

The left fights no longer to protect the weak, they blame them for being the perpetrator of the all that happens to them, and who do they protect, the ones doing the crims. The African American community riots and attacks the cops for daring to defend themselves when fired on, how dare they shoot back when a thug is shooting at them, then sit in silence when one of these thug’s fires at homes and kills young children who are just starting in life. You have African American athletes claim they are oppressed while making millions of dollars off the white people they claim are oppressing them, disrespecting all who fought for them to have that right. You have transgendered people screaming that somehow, we are in the wrong if us heterosexual men will not date them, on YouTube you have some saying we should be forced to do this.

Sadly, this country that was a beacon of light to the rest of the world, people came here because they knew they would be protected, tyrants were held at bay, many times were brought to justice. Now the ones coming here illegally demand we pamper them, demand their right to stay here and insult us, and the left falls all over this, for they just may vote for them in the future.

Terrorist attack us, the left then speak about our reaction to this, they name us the victimizer and the poor terrorist who want to kill not only us but them as well as victims. The far left is even worse, you have Hollywood so out of touch they turn on men in uniform, tell our elected officials to bring on a revolution, march and say the nastiest things I have ever heard come out of a woman’s mouth, and yet somehow they are looked up to by the left?

But not only this, you have these same people while surrounded with high fences and walls, with security and bodyguards roving the grounds they live on, yet they want to talk about how we don’t need a wall to protect us, then turn on the police that in many cases are putting their lives on the line to protect these idiots, they scream that the police are the problem. It is a good thing I don’t work as a 911 dispatcher, if one of these idiots called me to report they were being attacked or a B&E, I would first put them on hold, then come back and give them the phone number to the local crack house, tell them to call them, they have done nothing but disrespect and attacked us to protect them. And idiots like Eminem, excuse my French, I would bitch slap the stupidity out of this fool. 

We as a nation are lost, we are floundering around, one side is demanding capitulation, the rest of us want nothing to do with the madness, but in many cases because the majority of them are young adults (18 -25) we try to not deal with it, many of us wonder if our kids may be part of this ignorance. I know everyone has one family member, you try to talk sense, but they know everything. They look at you like you are nuts, how dare you not give up your guns, let every illegal in the world come into our nation, give up most of what you have in taxes, you sure don’t need it to start with (I usually tell them to have us both go, I will donate all as soon as they do it first, for some reason that is different).

This is pushing this nation to a breaking point; we need to start coming out and defining evil, I don’t care if my kid or someone else has a fit, we should not speak to the truth because someone is offended. If you are going to advocate the murder of our president, I want to know why these people are still walking free? If any of us had said this about Obama, we all know we would have been locked away in a cell with the outrage heaped on us from the left, they would call for our life. We need to let the left know they have a right to disagree, to have their own opinion, but no longer are we going to allow them to intimidate and shut down ours, if you want to meet us with violence, maybe it is time we answer it back, I don’t like violence, but neither do I think we should allow someone to direct it at us, there are times that the only way to teach a bully not to bully is to punch them in the mouth, when they realize you are going to fight back, they will stop. They are all bullies, and like all bullies, they are cowards, when they see you are willing to fight back, they stop. It’s the same with these groups on campuses, Antifa, BLM, BDS, and other hateful and in many cases racist; they are all bullies at heart, sometimes it takes standing up once or twice, letting them know while they have a right to be heard, so does everyone else. 

I know people will be outraged, how dare I say we stand up and call an end to this from the left, but at this point, I don’t care any longer, it is time to call things as they are. If the left gets angry, there is one easy way to get them to stop, here is how:

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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