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HR 3485, International LGBTQ rights Act, Why It Is Imperative To Stand Against This.

HR 3485, International LGBTQ rights Act, Why It Is Imperative To Stand Against This.

In Europe, if you speak out against the LGBTQ agenda, you are subject to fines and possible confinement, this bill that Pelosi is introducing this week, while it sounds good, it is an all-out assault on free speech.


As was stated in Daily Signal:

The House of Representatives is preparing to vote on the so-called Global Respect Act (HR 3485), which would impose sanctions on foreigners, including private citizens, who are determined to be responsible for human rights violations against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex individuals. 

While the concept sounds positive (after all, who wants to see any one’s human rights violated?), in fact, this bill is part of an ongoing campaign by the left to commit the U.S. government to advance gender ideology, deprioritizing religious freedom and the free speech rights of those who think outside an increasingly radical, woke framework. 

President Joe Biden last year committed the U.S. government to do just that in any work the U.S. undertakes abroad, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to bring this bill to a vote is the next step.

Here is where the problem comes in.

We are all for the right for everyone to be protected, the LGBTQ community has the right to live as they wish, this is part of their constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness. But this does not include a right to demand we not only stand by their right to live as they will, but demand that everyone agree with their lifestyle, and if your faith says such a lifestyle is a sin, you will have no right to mention it, lest you be charged with hate speech violations.

Where this starts getting on a slippery slope, is where free speech is infringed on.

HR 3485 creates an opportunity for leftist activists to use the U.S. government to target political and ideological opponents. The bill’s broad language and lack of protections to safeguard religious liberty and freedom of speech invite ample opportunities for abuse.

In a world where even “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling can be attacked for observing the potential for gender ideology to hurt women, it is not a stretch to imagine that the legislation’s undefined terms, such as “complicity,” “inciting,” and “cruel” or “degrading” treatment, could be applied to pastors, rabbis, or imams preaching against what their faiths consider to be sexual sins. Or against a concerned mother seeking to protect her gender-dysphoric child from a school’s or medical authorities’ attempts to “transition” him or her away from his or her biological sex.

Even Pope Francis’ explanation of the Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage and sexuality could be considered by some to be “cruel treatment” under this legislation. Would the bill’s sponsors want to deny him a visa to enter the United States?

Most of us have heard of the hateful church, sits outside of funerals for our fallen heroes, and says their death is a judgment against us for supporting homosexuality. I find these people disgusting, they make my blood boil, but as a strong advocate of free speech, they have a right to say this, even if it makes them look like bigotted idiots.

This right is what the Democrats are trying to take away. Some of you may think this is great, the church doing this is hateful, but what about the ones that aren’t?


We are now going to be facing what much of Europe and Canada do, if you say what the Bible says about sinful morality, you can go to jail for hate speech. If your church stands against this lifestyle, they will have done to them what is done in Europe, either you make accommodations for this or lose your church.

What we really have here is not a right of protection, it is a demand that we give in to the moral demands of this group, even if it violates your faith, that I have a huge problem with.

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