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Huge Spike In Children Hospitalized From Covid Vaccines Being Hidden By Dems

Huge Spike In Children Hospitalized From Covid Vaccines Being Hidden By Dems

Democrats keep saying that everyone needs to be vaccinated because that is what science says, but that is a lie when it comes to young people who fight off COVID-19 fairly easily.

In fact, more young people are hospitalized from the vaccine than they are from the disease. That is very alarming considering the number of colleges and universities that won’t let you attend unless you are vaccinated.


Former New York Times reporter and author Alex Berenson watched the CDC presentation and was alarmed by the advice the CDC gives the parents of these children.

The number one problem being reported is heart problems. This not only affects them now but many will be affected their whole lives, which may be a shorter time thanks to the vaccine. So, why are they still pushing it? it’s all about control.

Via Alex Berenson:

We can no longer trust the Centers for Disease Control to weigh honestly the risks and benefits of Covid vaccines for young people.

That is the only possible interpretation of Wednesday’s CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting about the link between Covid shots and serious heart problems in teens and young adults…

At the meeting, CDC scientists presented horrendous data. It showed that even without accounting for underreporting, a second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could increase the risk of problems up to 200-fold in young men.

But the scientists then went on to suggest the vaccines should still be given – even to kids already suffering from heart problems…

…the CDC’s own data shows that for every 100,000 vaccines given to young people, more than 25,000 will have temporary side effects that prevent them from “normal activities,” 700 will require medical care and 200 will be hospitalized.

In contrast, the CDC estimates that only about 50 out of 100,000 adolescents have EVER been hospitalized for Covid-related illness.

If I know Democrats, and I think that I do, many of them will not have their young children vaccinated at the same time they insist that you do.


They want you to live by a completely different set of rules than you do. Consider this seriously before you decide on vaccinations for your children.

As with all things related to COVID, while 0censor may cover the news, we do not offer medical advice; we are journalists, not doctors. To look to us for news is a good idea, but you would never call a plumber to program your computer, nor should you look to us for medical advice. Please seek your physician if you need this.

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