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Hypocrisy Revealed: Recently Unearthed Photos Show Alyssa Milano Modeling Redskins Gear

Hypocrisy Revealed: Recently Unearthed Photos Show Alyssa Milano Modeling Redskins Gear

Hollywood actress and left-wing political activist Alyssa Milano didn’t hesitate to condemn the Washington Redskins in a tweet on Wednesday in her fight to end all racism.

She was a bit too quick, because not long after, old photos were uncovered of Milano modeling Redskins’ gear.

The photos show yet another example of the activist’s hypocritical behavior in recent days.

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“We must end racism in its entirety. Allowing the @nfl to continue to use the @redskins name is destructive to Native communities and cannot be tolerated any longer. Change the name,” Milano wrote.

Several Twitter users were quick to share the actress’ old photos in order to point out her hypocrisy.

The Redskins gear that Milano was wearing in the recently uncovered photos is a part of her clothing line “Touch by Alyssa Milano,” which the actress created in conjunction with various sports leagues, including the NFL.

Milano, nonetheless, parrots the left-wing talking point that “Redskins” is a grossly offensive, racist term, despite the fact that a 2016 poll conducted by The Washington Post concluded that “nine in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name.”

Only a few days prior, a video resurfaced of Milano darkening her face in order to portray the “Jersey Shore” character Snooki in a comedy skit for Funny or Die.

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Milano defended herself and the skit in a Twitter post calling out “right wing trolls” for sharing the video.

“The right wing trolls are using a still from this funny or die video where a parodied Snookie from Jersey Shore. If you see the screen grab that they are using maybe you can shut them down with a link to the entire video,” Milano wrote.

The only problem with Milano’s defense of herself is that, according to some academics on the left, intention doesn’t matter when it comes to blackface.

Back in September, Rima Wilkes, a professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia, spoke with Yahoo Canada about the issue following the uncovering of old photos showing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself participating in the “racist” practice.

“Whether you intended to kill someone or it was manslaughter doesn’t change the effect,” Wilkes told the outlet.

“Whether you intend (a racist act) to be hurtful or not doesn’t make it any less hurtful. If Trudeau didn’t intend it, it’s still hurtful. He can apologize, but it’s still hurtful. Those feelings will still last.”

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