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“I Will Put a Bullet in the Heads of These Americans” – Haitian Gang Leader Threatens to Kill Kidnapped American Missionaries

“I Will Put a Bullet in the Heads of These Americans” – Haitian Gang Leader Threatens to Kill Kidnapped American Missionaries

Criminals, hackers, and dangerous cartels know the U.S.’s wallet is wide open thanks to Joe Biden’s weakness in paying ransoms over the last year.

17 American Christian missionaries, including children, were kidnapped by a gang in Haiti last weekend.

According to reports, the Ohio-based Christian group was on their way home after building an orphanage when the gang kidnaped them.


Earlier this week, the 400 Mawozo gangs are demanding $17 million in ransom – $1 million for each hostage.

Now the Haitian gang threatens to kill all of the missionaries unless they get the ransom they want.

People in Haiti protest carrying a banner written in Creole.
People protest carrying a banner with a message that reads in Creole: “No to kidnappings, no to violence against women! Long live Christian Aid Ministries,” demanding the release of kidnapped missionaries in Titanyen, north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Tuesday. 
(Joseph Odelyn / Associated Press)

“I swear that if I don’t get what I want, I prefer to kill the Americans. I’ll put a bullet in each of their heads,” said Wilson Joseph, the 400 Mawozo gang leader, Reuters reported.

“I swear by thunder that if I don’t get what I’m asking for, I will put a bullet in the heads of these Americans,” he said in the video.

The same day the missionaries were kidnapped, a gang abducted a Haiti university professor, according to a statement that Haiti’s ombudsman-like Office of Citizen Protection issued on Tuesday. It also noted that a Haitian pastor abducted this month has not been released despite a ransom being paid.

“The criminals … operate with complete impunity, attacking all members of society,” the organization said.

UNICEF said Thursday that the number of women and children kidnapped in the first eight months of this year had surpassed the total for all of last year.

“Nowhere is safe for children in Haiti anymore,” Jean Gough, UNICEF regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, said in a statement. “Whether on their way to school, at home or even at church, girls and boys are at risk of being kidnapped anywhere, at any time of the day or night.”

UNICEF said 71 women and 30 children were kidnapped this year, up from 59 women and 37 children last year.

“They represent one-third of the 455 kidnappings reported this year,” the agency said.

What happened to America?

It used to be that America, if faced with something like this, would send in Delta or Navy seals, take these thugs out, make sure they were no longer tainting the same air we breathe. Sadly today, this is not the case; our Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff is most likely to pick up a book and read about white privilege. Our president will say that we need to apologize and bring this gang’s family here, they will fit right in San Francisco or Chicago, and the Squad will say we need to pay them, claim it is reparations.


We have let the patients take over the nuthouse and are doing nothing about it (and yes, I know this isn’t politically correct, the problem is I don’t care); no longer are we acting like the America of old. The Left is so intent on changing this nation, with or without the people’s consent, they are willing to tear this nation apart, destroy it before they allow us to turn back to the greatness this nation used to be.

When you pay ransoms rather than tell the people we will find you; we don’t care if it takes a day, week, month, or years, we will have our justice, we encourage people to carry on this type of behavior.

I want to thank Gateway Pundit and LA Times, who contributed to this article.

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