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If Biden Wins, We Will Not Recognize The Liberal Remaking of America

If Biden Wins, We Will Not Recognize The Liberal Remaking of America

We are seeing moves by the left, not only to lock in their power over this nation, but they want to go as far as wiping out anyone that would dare to stand against what they are demanding we all believe in.

In Fascist Germany, much of what was promised was a relief from financial pressure, which was seen as an evil group within society that was affecting its chance at a greater good. Today we see the same thing, and like Germany, these people are demand reeducation camps for the unrepentant, but what happens to the ones not able to be reeducated? We can note what Germany, Russia, China, and other nations have embraced socialism to see what the final solution is.

We are facing something more akin to the Salem Witch trials than any social justice. By naming a group of people as racist yet saying they don’t realize they are racist, the guilty cannot prove their innocence, only admit to guilt.

We have heard calls from people within the Bernie camp who have called openly for reeducation camps, the extermination of people that will not change their way of thinking. This is the more radical call from the left. Some will say that this is too radical ever to take grip, yet I ask, did any of us think that we would see our cities on fire, people getting shot for daring to support Trump? How difficult is the next step?

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Far more prevalent is the demand for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a commission to be set up to root out Trump supporters, to punish the ones that were actively involved in supporting his administration, and reeducate the wrongful thinking of the misled ones, all by exposing the supposed lies that Trump has perpetrated.

This is not going to be a transformable change the Democrats are seeking. What they are going to do is split this nation further, set up what most likely will be Civil War 2.0. What is worse, the left has not hidden their contempt for this nation; they openly say if they don’t get their way, they will seize it by force.

But there is more, they will have just gotten started.

To further their government’s grasp, they want to make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico a state (although this may slow down with the Hispanic vote turning from the Democrats), giving them 2 Senators and Congressmen. This will pick up their hold on the Senate, something they have not been able to control over the last couple of administration.

To push the laws, they want to go through; they know the supreme court will not tolerate this, so they will move to pack the court, to use the court in the way they are so fearful of losing now, as a rubber stamp to do what the voters will not allow them to do.

By labeling both Trump and his followers as fascists, we see a move to say that these people should not be afforded the protections under the law that other Americans enjoy. We see none stop attacks claiming that Trump and his followers are fascists. What do you do with a fascist? You attack them; thus, the left is justifying their violence. If they seize power, this will increase in frequency and violence.

We are going to see hate speech laws; these will be much like Europe. If you believe in scriptures, you will risk arrest by sharing what they say. In Europe, people ask what the bible says about homosexuality, then arrest the people for daring to say what they say.

The LGBTQ issue will be forced on faiths; in Europe, which the left wants us to be like, churches are not given the right not to marry LGBTQ people because their faith prohibits it. If they don’t, they shut down the church and fire or arrest the minister that took this stand. This is now coming to America.

Arms will be so difficult to obtain, rather than outright outlaw them; the left will reduce the size of cartridges, outlaw what they deem as assault rifles, then do what California and New York have done, go after the ammunition.

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Last, they will set off stripping of the majority rights. We have seen the calls against whites, where “White Privilege” is used to attack whites, where leftist politicians are demanding that no whites apply to a job or run in a political race because there are too many whites.

We will see moves to bring social justice into the courts, where if you are black, you will be given a different sentence than others, all in the claim they are restoring true justice.

Reparations will be forced through; people who never held slaves will be forced to give money to people who were never slaves. This is more racist nonsense.

America is on a collision course; the question is, do we have what it takes to go out, keep Trump in power and hold off this wave from the left, or do we let them have their way and see where we live in quickly become unrecognizable.

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