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If I Wanted To Destroy America, I would…

If I Wanted To Destroy America, I would…

If I was living in the US and hated this nation, or was living in Russia, or China, and I wanted to destroy America, this is what I would do:

If I wanted to destroy America, I would first look at the framework that holds this unique nation together, the constitution. I would fund the groups that hate it, whisper in the ears of others, tell them it is outdated, it is racist, or it is not working, slaveholders founded it, so we need to get rid of it, if I can destroy the framework, the nation will die.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would also attack the uniqueness of multiculturalism; I would pit people against people, tell them all to hate the majority, it was all the minorities against the majority. I would blame it on their birth, the color of their skin, that somehow this was enough to be oppressive of all others.

The Privilege of Checking White Privilege

I would then teach the ones that were in the majority to hate themselves, make excuses, to live in shame for how they were born, and give it a spiffy name, say call it “White Greatness” or “White Privilege.” And I would do it all in the name of fighting racism. I would put Congressmen and Congresswomen in front of camera’s and have them praise this self-hatred.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would swamp the nation with migrants that hate it. I would send out a campaign of whispers, tell the people that they are somehow wrong to ask the best and the brightest to come to their land. I would say that they have to open their borders, take in everyone, even the people that hate them. I would push their legislators to show more concern for the illegals then the ones that should be here.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would put out a campaign that people who didn’t agree with self-hatred and White Privilege, it was due to xenophobia, racism, I would play on their guilt, just like I have done with Europe, those silly people are sliding into the abyss. To think I had spent billions of rubles to conquer them, they are now doing so themselves, and it cost me nothing.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would disarm her. We know that one thing that has always stood in our way of controlling and conquering the country is their guns, so we would start a campaign to demonize them. When people kill others, we will never allow the blame to be put on them; we will instead blame their tools.

If I wanted to destroy American, my friends and I would hold the blame only to the gun; we don’t care about the hammer, the knife, the car, or a host of other devices that are used; We need to get the guns.

I would fund groups that want to ban them, restrict them, to say the second amendment was only for hunting, then make fun of anyone who says otherwise. We would go after the NRA and call them baby killers; they share the guilt for all the deaths, the accidental, and the ones that are caused by mass murders. We will make sure the people themselves are never accused; it is always only the guns that are at fault.

We would bring lawsuits, shut them down, cause them to have so many court appearances, the usefulness they used to have would be gone due to chasing all the legal proceedings against them, thus we would destroy the organization that protects their rights with death by a thousand cuts.

We would twist the feminist groups, to become something they never intended, for we don’t mind if people think they have power, so long as they aren’t using it. We would divert their attention from what they are supposed to stand for, protecting the rights of women and empowering them; instead, we would make them political.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would then put leadership in that makes them protect others at the expense of women, even if they are raping and taking away the rights of their own. We would send them on marches, wear offensive hats and say the nastiest things, for that would show the rest of America how little they are worth to their cause.

I would have them say nothing about nations that oppress women, only the ones where women are given equal rights and live in equality, that will never be enough. I would kill the movement with such low expectations, as if it is a protected group, I will support and say they are progressing when they say that now women are valued more than cattle, what an uplifting statement.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would interfere with their elections, but not in the way you think.

Altering the polls was not what I was ever after, I would put out bots to send messages, then put people in place that would say I was trying to cause one to lose, that somehow the other was in collusion with me. I want people to look at the elections as less legitimate, to see the president as not theirs, if I could take away confidence in the government, I will have weakened the nation even further. By doing nothing but making everyone believe otherwise, I will have done far more harm then if I had done what they claim I did.

Image result for anti-trump protest

If I wanted to destroy America, I would then divide their political parties to the extent that they will not work with each other. I would put people in place that would whisper if they supported the other side they were helping racism and increasing the divide.

Think how insidious this is, I am so proud of this, I can freeze their legislative process, make the people that are supposed to get things done think by doing nothing they are thwarting hatred! What is more, after a while, I will have to do nothing; this will have a momentum of its own, the people will follow it.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would go after their youth, this is the beauty of our long-term plan, for we have been planning this for the last 70 years. We have worked with groups, the socialist of America, the anarchist, then worked with the KKK and white supremacists to fight each other.

I would tell the different racial groups in schools they need to resegregate, all to promote racial equality. These people are so silly, they will ignore the sacrifices made by their forefathers to bring equality, I can then divide them to create more inequality.

We would teach the kids from the time they are young that their inheritance is the evilness of their nation; would tell them that people that love the country really hate it, it’s soldiers are oppressors, that terrorism is right, radical Islam and cults are something you need lots of, the more radical the more you should embrace them. I would have them turn violent to shut down any speech that dared to question this directive, would put people in place to aid in this, young minds are so easy to manipulate.

I would put people out to attack others that are going to speeches, say they are doing it to fight fascism, then have them act like fascist as they are attacking. I would have them burn books, ban anything that goes against their sensibilities, boycott anyone who does not support their ideology to try to force them to give in. I would have them make everything about race and gender, feelings, and oppression, the truth would have little or no meaning for them. 

If I wanted to destroy America I would work with their celebrities and idols; they’re so easy to manipulate. They live in gated communities, have a view of the world that has no realism to it, and I would put people in place to enforce this belief. I would have them lecture everyone on letting everyone in while they live behind walls. I would tell them to protest guns while their bodyguards are armed to the teeth. I would have them host gala’s and parties, at their events to focus on politicians they hate, all the while enforce their feelings of superiority. 

Image result for audience Grammys

I would then attack morals, teach what was right was wrong, what you shouldn’t do,do it, you are only exercising your legal rights. If you dared to stand up to it, you were not standing for what was right. Instead, you were trying to suppress free will.

If I wanted to destroy America I would attack their faith, teach that what their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers believed in was outdated, slowly with each generation strip their sense of morality away. I would teach that the Bible is a work of hate, the Torah is a genocidal book.

Image result for Church almost empty

If I wanted to destroy America, I would make churches and synagogues turn from their morals, make them no different than anyplace else, thus people would stop attending, why go to such a boring place when they teach you nothing?

I would teach that religion is outdated, G-d is dead, we need to look to the new theology, the doctrine of science. I would explain that theories are facts, facts are only theories, anyone that dared question them we should label them as science deniers.

If I wanted to destroy America I would take G-d out of the church, would instead put in secular teaching, thus would destroy the foundation that this nation was built upon.

I would set up gatekeepers that would attack anyone who dared question one of these dogmas as stupid, uneducated, and would try to marginalize them. I would tell people on the air to mock them, then let anyone and everyone know if you did this, you too would suffer the same fate. I would put in place pseudoscience; I would say that this was science, to question any of it is somehow a disservice to science, we can’t have you question anything, that would make you a heretic.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would get them to think that facts are feelings and feelings are facts. I would see all people as oppressed, would ignore the acts they did to bring such “oppression” upon themselves. I would protect the breakers of the law, and attack the ones that dare to uphold it. I would turn criminals into victims and try to set them free, all while blaming the ones that are supporting the law, accusing them of committing war crimes.

If a group is overrepresented in prison, I will ignore that maybe the statistics show they are committing a higher rate of crime then others. All that matters is the need to support my claim, ignore any records or statements of facts as being offensive and racist. We must never allow any self-reflection; it is vital to keep their attention pointed at others.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would go after its law and order; I would tell minorities that the police are not there to protect and serve, they are there to attack and oppress. I would tell them to fight back, attack them, throw things at them, give no respect, try to break down their will. I would publically yell that they were racist, get them out of high crime areas, then set the people to scream in that area that the police aren’t there because they are racist and don’t care about them.

Image result for antifa fighting police

I would get the leaders to defund the police, demonize them, make them the bad ones. I would raise up as heroes people who assaulted police, turn them into the victims while accusing the police of brutality for daring to protect themselves.

The youth would join in, they are so easily manipulated, have them march, shout that police are the problem, they need to be disbanded.

If I wanted to destroy America I would put in motion a means to stop people seeing the other side as having human worth, I would label the other side as fascist, haters, then give motivation to harm them, kill them if needed, their nation would be better off, thus possibly set in motion a civil war.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would then turn on its leader. I would tell the people in the opposition he was not a real president, to hate him, impeach him, refuse to work with him. I would make up stories, accost him for daring to ask courts for clarifications. I would praise people who make threats against him, bring in new Senators that would hate, and say they want to get the motherf#$ker out of there.

If I hated America, I would raise legislators that hate all it stands for, who would stand up for nations that hate America and support them over our government.

If I wanted to destroy America, I would infiltrate their press, the gatekeepers, and if we can corrupt them, they will aid in our move to destroy this nation more then anything else. I would work with them to further polarize the people. I would have them say that lying is okay, so long as you are doing it for a good cause, for this will, in the end, destroy the people’s trust in you. Would have them spew lies as if they were telling the truth, then when caught accuse the other side of doing the same.

If I wanted to destroy America I wouldn’t have to do anything; they are already doing it themselves.

This one is for my mother and father; they are the ones that instilled the love of our nation, my faith and the love of people, without their guidance I would never see this.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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