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Ilhan Caught In Affair and Possible Election Violation

Ilhan Caught In Affair and Possible Election Violation

I find it interesting, the moral left, which wants to lecture us on morality, now are finding that the very thing they loved to scream about Trump over, possibly having an affair with Stormy Daniels, are doing the same themselves.

I was taught when I was younger, be careful who you accuse and how publicly you do it, more so if you are doing the same thing, for it can come back to haunt you, now it seems this is the case with the left.

Washington political consultant’s wife, Beth Mynett, 55, submitted divorce papers in Washington, D.C. claiming her husband, Tim Mynett, 38, was informed her he was having an affair with Ilhan Omar, took their child out with both of them when Omar was actively undergoing credible death threats.

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The filing continued: “Although devastated by the betrayal and deceit that preceded his abrupt declaration, Plaintiff told Defendant that she loved him and was willing to fight for the marriage. Defendant, however, told her that was not an option for him.”

“It is clear to Plaintiff that her marriage to Defendant is over and that there is no hope of reconciliation,” the filing stated.

Omar’s campaign has paid Tim Mynett’s E. Street group around $230,000 for fundraising consulting, digital communications, Internet advertising and travel expenses since 2018, records showed. The 37-year-old congresswoman was spotted back in March with Mynett at a California restaurant.

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“Defendant’s more recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Representative Omar than with his actual work commitments,” the court filing read.

She said the news of the affair was both “devastating and shocking” and she was left in a state of shock over the whole affair.

This could explain why Ilhan Omar has left her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, and is with interesting news, considering she had an affair and was funneling money to Tim Mynett’s E. Street group.

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In her filings, we see this over $230,000 passed from her campaign to his group. This could have Ilhan not only in trouble now for the possible marriage to her brother, now she could also be looking at campaign violations as well.

We all heard the old story about it not being wise to throw stones at someone else’s windows when you live in a glasshouse, guess now we are going to see this with Ilhan and others in the DNC.

The question is, GOP members were forced to step down for doing this same thing, where is the outcry from the DNC demanding the same with Ilhan, or are they so scared of being accused of being a racist that they will do nothing again.

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