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Ilhan Omar – From Calling For Violation of Sovereignty to Trying To Take All Presidential Power

Ilhan Omar – From Calling For Violation of Sovereignty to Trying To Take All Presidential Power

Ilhan Omar two days ago started a speech claiming she and all Blacks were oppressed over the last 400 years, I was somewhat confused by this, wasn’t she a migrant? If this is the case, how exactly was it she or her people were oppressed by Americans when they weren’t even here?

Here complaint here is that Blacks are not able to live and thrive, but I ask, “Is burning down your businesses, looting the stores and running them out of business a way to achieve this?”

But she did not stop here; here was her next tweet:

First, the right to deploy the US military on US soil is due to the Insurrection Act. Maybe if instead of supporting domestic terrorists burning down blocks in American cities, she called for a peaceful protest we would not have this problem.

The President is proposing to enact the Insurrection act because of the loss of control by city leaders of the riots. If these protests remained peaceful, there would be no means. Still, with Democrat leadership openly supporting rioters, people like Joe Biden are paying for the defense of these domestic terrorists. We see where the Democrat allegiance lies, but it sure is not with law and order.

Second, she wants to put in place a federal commission to study Police abuses. This is just stupid. Most cities already have this in place; what she is trying to do is politicize this.

Third, she wants to prosecute any police resistance to demonstrators, does this include when they turn violent? If such a law is in place, the police will have their hands tied even more then they do now.

Fourth, in the previous video, she said she wanted to de-fund the police if she does this, does she think the police will work for free, or does she think the crack lords will somehow maintain the law?

Last, she wants a federal relief fund to rebuild communities that looted and burned their community down? What the hell is she thinking, that people should be able to rob, steal, loot, murder, burning buildings to the ground, then we, who have not done something as stupid as this, should have to pay through our taxes to make this as if it never happened? I say leave the buildings burned down and looted. No one will want to go back there, leave it as a reminder of what their actions achieved.

Next, she rejoiced because the Minnesota schools terminated their working with the police to maintain safety:

So how are they going to do this if the police are cut off? Who are they going to hire in? And if there is another mass shooting, which I hope there isn’t, are the police not supposed to come?

What we are seeing is Ilhan wants to turn this nation into the hellhole her family fled from. I have a suggestion for her; if you want this place to be like that so much, leave, you can have what you want, we don’t have to then deal with either it or you.

We then hear her say that America has brutalized African Americans for a long time. In this, she is 100% incorrect. While it is true that the US had done this in the past since the 60’s this was done away with, we made changes for the last 40 years, yet all of this is ignored, in her comments she ignores the Obama years we had to deal with if we are such a racist nation, how then did he win the election.

While I admit that what the was did was wrong, you see this and more by cops against whites. To condemn many brave and noble men and women who serve as police officers because of a few that are bad are dishonest.

The difference between the Black community and the rest of us is that we don’t riot and loot when this happens, if you are going to resist cops, attack them if this happens, it is sad, but would never have happened if you had not done this. What the community is carrying on is nothing but more victim playing, I am tired of this.

Much of what she is doing is because just a week ago, the FBI served her notice, with the paperwork to back up their note, that she lied in her marriage papers, committed immigration fraud when she married her brother so he could migrate to the US.

Adding to this, Ilhan’s daughter went on to the Democratic Socialist Of America and tweeted how to aid the rioters around the US.


Remember, this is the same woman that called for the UN to occupy our southern border. It is of little surprise she and her family would support terrorism in the US.

I think it is time we get her out of Congress, if she and her family want to support such values that are against the American way of life, maybe we all would be better served if they were forced to move to a nation that upholds the values they seem to hold so dear (ever notice people like Ilhan demand this for others and not for themselves?).

I, for one, am tired of today’s Democratic Party, the party that produced FDR, Kennedy, and others, men with flaws, but were loyal Americans, today the Democrats in power hate America, hate what it stands for, they are traitors to everything this country holds dear. Maybe it is time we start to look at this next election to send a strong message and let them know what we think them and their traitorous ways.

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