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Ilhan Omar, Terrorist Plant Or Something Even More Sinister?

Ilhan Omar, Terrorist Plant Or Something Even More Sinister?

I have been a believer that every state, along with every area in that state, has a moment of incredible stupidity where they vote in the most inept person they possibly could; it looks like with Ilhan Omar, Minnesota hit this jackpot.

Minnesota is not alone in this; you have New York that elected in Ocasio-Cortez along with Minnesota’s screw up, Michigan elected in Rashida Tlaib, seems all these states went out of their way to use their one free ticket they are given to do this.

Living in Wisconsin, we are not immune, we, after all, are the ones that elected in McCarthy, he brought us McCarthyism. Louisiana voted in David Duke, and this does not even bring up the craziness of California, voting in people like Brown, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi. This state seems to have used up their allotted stupid moves and stole the ones given to all the states around them.

But I must say, this new batch we have in Congress, I have never seen such ignorance, more so, one that is proud of this ignorance and stupidity, in my whole life.

Ocasio-Cortez leads this, but following up close behind her are her two friends, Ilhan and Tlaib, are right in line with this new wave. And what is it? These are social activists that are clueless about history, think a narrative is more important than facts, and try to bring emotional arguments rather than relying on evidence to present a case.

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

A great example of this is a tweet that Ilhan just put out:

She is attacking without facts over comments that were made towards here from various Jewish groups concerning Israel and the so-called Palestinians. She complained that Israel was not allowing the people in Gaza and the West Bank to vote, here is the problem.

FACTS, they have a funny way of standing in the way of Ilhan’s narrative. The Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza were allowed to vote. The problem was the people they voted into power, both Hamas and Fatah; they refused to let them ever vote again. Abbas, the Fatah leader, is now in year 15 of his four-year term, so how exactly is this Israel’s doing?

Also, people are allowed to assemble, but if you assemble intending to break through a fence or attack others, this is stopped, just as it was in the US in 1965 and is even today, well, unless you are on a college campus run by a liberal administration, then it is fine if you attack your enemy violently.

You see this now in her attack of Trump’s Israeli Palestinian peace plan:

Tax Rates On The Rich

Another example is this tweet, it seems to be a common theme with this new crop of Democrats in Congress:

First, the claim that the right is saying that this tax is demanded on all people, that is an outright lie, no one has stated this, the problem we have is that the tax rates are unrealistic.

One has to remember, the high tax rates, they were during world wars, America knew at that time we needed to all pitch in, the corporations were bringing in government contracts on a scale never seen before, and even with a 70 – 90% tax rates, the tax write-offs were such that they were never paying this rate.

After the wars, the taxes were still kept high, but the government contracts kept coming in, many of these companies set up overseas manufacturing facilities to beat out the high taxes, and there was still the tax write-offs that were in place.

As stated in Mises Institute:

Bernie Sanders noted that “When radical, socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, I think the highest marginal tax rate was something like 90 percent.” Paul Krugman said the same thing as did Michael Moore in his film Capitalism: A Love Story and you’ll see this factoid repeated on countless memes floating around the Internet.

However, what a tax rate is and what is paid are two very different things. Indeed, in 1955, the only people paying 90 percent (actually 91 percent) were those making over $3,425,766 when adjusted for inflation. And these are marginal rates, so they only paid that on any earnings above that threshold.

The tax law has changed a lot over the years. As you can see by looking at the top marginal rate versus the inflation-adjusted top income bracket for those filing jointly from 1950 until 2013:

Top marginal rate versus the inflation-adjusted top income bracket

Today, there are seven tax brackets. In 1989, there were only two. In 1955, there were a ridiculous twenty-four different tax brackets.

Regardless, one should ask how much the rich were paying. It should be noteworthy that back in the 1950s, the government wasn’t collecting any more tax revenue as a percentage of GDP. There’s something called Hauser’s Law, which states there is a maximum threshold on how much the government can tax out of its population. 

I think this “law” is no such thing. If the government wanted to confiscate more, it could do so. But Hauser’s Law based on the fact that in pretty much every year since 1950, the government has collected between 17 to 20 percent of GDP in taxes. Here are the government tax receipts compared to the top marginal tax rate:

Total Tax Receipts vs Top Marginal Tax Rate

This naturally is never shown by Cortez, Ilhan, or Sanders; they only see the top bracket. Conveniently leave out the fact that corporate and individual tax write-offs were such that the very-rich were paying almost half this amount, and this tax amount was only for individuals, not businesses, most of their spare money was dumped into R & D which was a tax write off.

This argument is never sincere but does not stop the half-truth from being told.

Criticism against Ilhan or any Muslims is racist

Then you have this tweet:

I find this interesting; you have Rashida Tlaib make anti-Semitic attacks, then acts like she is the victim when people respond to this. The solution to this is straightforward, maybe something Ilhan could learn from as well, before you post something, do some simple research, makes sure you have the facts right.

Also, if you are going to attack people, you have no right to play the victim when they respond, if you don’t want this, then stop what is causing this, your senseless racist attacks.

And what confuses me more is this:

I guess being a liberal Jewish group; one should not be surprised; there are always self-hating people in every group. But these people are different; they are not the friends of Israel; they are the enemy of the nation. They would dance on the grave of the nation if they could, in turn, force the world into what they consider as their socialist paradise.

This is just another group with sever Trump Derangement Syndrome, just look at their stances, this group is more in line with Bernie Sanders then anything else, another socialist group that is Jewish in name only.

The problem I have with these newcomers, the press is lifting them as the best thing that has ever happened to the Democratic party. I think of them as the gift that just keeps giving, the more radically towards the left they drag the party, the more they are going to lose the ones that decide elections, the ones on the center-left and right in political thought, the independents.

But these are not the only ones affected, the moderate Democrats, the face of the party for years. They are starting the leave the party as it continues its death march towards the far-left.

But there is more.

We have since this time seen Ilhan claim that “some people” crashed into the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11. These terrorists were not “some-people”; they were Islamic terrorists.

In this she not only lessons the attack on 9/11 by an Islamic terrorist but then comes out and openly likes about CAIR, they were not founded after 9/11, CAIR is a group with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, both groups classified as terrorist by the US, it was founded on June 1994; that was 25 years ago, or seven years before 9/11.

But then what is the truth to radical Islamic apologists like Ilhan and Rashida.

But then what is the truth to radical Islamic apologists like Ilhan and Rashida.

Ilhan has called for UN occupation of our Southern Border, claimed that inhumane conditions there warranted UN intervention. Naturally, she refuses to vote to build a wall, something that would halt much of this problem.

She then went on to call openly for an overthrow of this government and the removal of Trump, that is treason.

Ilhan and Rashida then set up the attack against Israel, demanding the right to go to their nation to support a meeting in the Ramallah that was set to call for the destruction of Israel, then cried foul and racism when Israel refused. When Israel relented with the promise that no activism would take place in their country, a visit was allowed to so Rashida could see her aging Grandmother, Rashida’s bluff was called, she refused, ended up looking like a fool.

This does not even go into the outright hypocrisy we have with Ilhan’s friend Rashida and her open support of terrorists, something Ilhan seems to be in equal support of.

Democratic Party, Same Old Racist Party

What is also amazing is how little they have changed, the party that brought us the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, Segregation is now trying to re-institute these laws. They changed the direction of their hate from the African American population to the whites, their sheets for Antifa and Black Lives Matter Shirts.

They have now re-instituted segregation, the very thing many of these people once fought against, now you see liberal colleges giving ethnic-specific graduations, people told that if you are white, you are not allowed into people’s of color “safe spaces,” and liberals screaming that all they want is that middle-aged Americans die, it will make this country better.

One has to remember; the Democrats aided in killing off populations they deemed as undesirable in the South with their Jim Crow laws and the KKK, how long till they return to this? They, after all, have always been a party of action.

Today we see the party being led by radicals, just like it was when they split this nation in two and set off the civil war. Today we turned in slaveholders for Islamic extremists and their supporters, like Rashida and Ilhan. Just like in the past, where the Democrats could not accept the election of Abraham Lincoln, we see the same thing today, their willingness to go to any end to unseat an elected president they are equally hateful towards.

With Bernie now leading the Democrats, these congresswomen along with AOC are only going to get more exposure. Today some Democrats are now looking to AOC to run for president in 2024 when she is finally within the legal age limit to do so, G-d help us when that happens, it will turn this nation into the laughing stock of the world.

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About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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