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Illegal Immigrants And Crime

Illegal Immigrants And Crime

For years we have been told by the left that illegal Immigration, thus immigrants were more virtuous the American citizens did not commit the crimes as we do, they paid their taxes and were an asset to the nation. Yesterday the justice department released data that showed just the opposite. 

According to the data, there are 39,455 suspect or confirmed Illegal Immigrants currently in custody of the Bureau of Prisons, which amounts to 21% of the total federal prison population. Of the total 39,455 suspects or confirmed immigrants in federal custody, 94% were illegal immigrants. If you just take these figures alone, you see the huge draw off American taxpayers money needed to incarcerate these people, and they should not have been here in the first place. 

The report listed in the tweet further details crime statistics as follows:

Out of the 185,507 inmates in BOP custody, 39,455 (21 percent) were reported by BOP as foreign-born. Further details regarding these 39,455 foreign-born inmates are as follows: 

  • 20,240 (51 percent) were unauthorized aliens who are subject to a final order of removal;
  • 14,979 (38 percent) remain under ICE investigation;
  •  2,374 (6 percent) were unlawfully present and now in removal proceedings;
  • 1,852 (less than 5 percent) were lawfully present aliens but are now in removal proceedings; and
  • 10 were aliens who have been granted relief or protection from removal.

Information Regarding the Immigration Status of Aliens Incarcerated as Federal Pretrial Detainees


USMS identified 19,311 aliens and foreign-born inmates under ICE investigation detained at USMS facilities. Further details regarding these 19,311 foreign-born inmates are as follows:

  • 11,459 (59 percent) were aliens who are subject to a final order of removal;
  • 6,230 (32 percent) remain under ICE investigation;
  •  1,261 (6.5 percent) were unlawfully present and now in removal proceedings;
  •  358 (less than 2 percent) were lawfully present but are now in removal proceedings; and
  • 3 were aliens who have been granted relief or protection from removal.

And these are just the federal figures, if you looked at states you would find these statistics would climb by a magnitude of 50 or higher, but many states don’t want those figures out, they are not helpful to what they are trying to sell to their citizens.

(The FY 2017 2nd Quarter report is available at

Data for the 3rd quarter of FY 2017 is available at

We can find by these and the other statistics that this is not a quarterly fluke, we could be looking at with this 1 % of the total illegal population incarcerated in federal prisons, the states could pick this figure up drastically, we could be looking at as high as 7.5% to 11% of the total population either in prison or under supervision, that is not a figure that is productive for this nation, sure is not a cost savings, adding money to our coffers like the liberals love to claim. 

In the federal system the average cost to incarcerate an inmate is $31,000 (these are 2014 figures, I am sure it is higher now), this figures could be much lower, but if you just take taxes out of the illegal population to pay for this you find that it takes about 5 people to pay for the incarceration of one person, there is no way that this is somehow cost-effective as the left loves to claim. 

So why are the left such staunch supporters of illegal immigrants, turns out that the majority of them because they bring nothing with them, is with poor education, thus are dependent on the government for aid are staunch supporters of the DNC. What we have is a long-term goal of changing the demographics in this nation by having these people here, their children, as a rule, will vote how their parents do, so they are a great asset to the left. 

What this points to is the shift from the left. During the Kennedy years, even the Carter, they reached out to the common person, the working class in America, tried to share how they would make their lives better, the people, in turn, many times responded by voting in Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Carter, and Clinton.

The left does not do this anymore, Obama was not brought in by appealing to the middle class. He was a populous president that pulled in over 94% of the American Black vote in his first election, only pulled a few points lower in his second run, the rest was drawn in by Democrats and others that were browbeaten with the claim they were somehow racist if they didn’t vote for him. Sadly, one can point to this as the time when the term “Racist” lost all stigma; it used to be you would go to the ends of the world to remove such a claim from yourself, today it only means in many cases you aren’t a liberal. 

With Clinton the left moved past the pretense that they cared about the middle class, they tried to lecture why we should vote for them, told us that babies and grandparents would die if we didn’t, but there was no message how they would benefit this class of Americans. After hearing this on almost a daily bases, then if you dared to say you would vote for Trump were called a sexist, racist, fascist, we stopped talking, we waiting for the voting booths to open, soon the smug expressions on the leftist newscaster was changed to shock and panic. 

In the end, the left has lost the middle class of America, what used to be their greatest strength, they are no longer willing to change to meet their needs. Instead, they cast the blame on them, then push harder to allow more illegals into this nation. We hear open calls of open borders, blame on the unwillingness to change the laws to what they want for why there are immigration problems today. Crime and stress on the economy mean nothing to them, they would rather see this nation fall to a third world nation if they could hang on to their power then do what is best for all of us. 

One has to ask, how are they pulling any votes? They are, the far-left still are in shock that Trump won, they have moved past their steps of grief from denial, they tried to say this was not possible, Trump must have stolen the election. The anger you saw from them towards us that dared to vote for Trump, as Jones stated it, it was a “Whitelash,” they then turn on the American people and said we weren’t worth their time. 

We next saw bargaining as celebrities came out and begged the electoral voters to vote other than how the people in their state voted, and now are in both depression and anger. If you try to debate with them, you don’t get a logical debate. Instead, they try to browbeat you, tell you that they are depressed that this nation is not the way they demand it is. In many ways they remind me of a three-year-old, when they don’t get their way they throw tantrums, no one is worse than the liberal press. 

It is time “We The People” start demanding of the left and the Hollywood supporters that they either show some respect or we will hurt them where it hurts most. Until this year I used to have a date night, I would go to movies once a week, I refuse to go to another as long as they continue this nonsense, I have stopped giving them any of my money as long as they continue to disrespect my choices and decisions. 

I have done the same with the NFL, we hear about boycotts, I for one have no problem giving back a taste of their own medicine. It used to be that the DNC and GOP could disagree, we could do so respectfully, no more of that today, either it is their way or the high way, if you don’t do as they demand they break out the disrespect in volumes. I am so tired of this, I have tried a nice way, now I am done with these douche bags and trying to appease them, they can just all go to hell. 




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