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Illegal Immigration, When Facts Hurt, Use Emotions

Illegal Immigration, When Facts Hurt, Use Emotions

We have all see the accusations with the immigration crises, the hysteria rising in volume as the emotions are played into this crises, facts no longer matter, how these people and others feel is all that matters. If you try to deal with this logically the accusations start to fly, labels are attached, and these people dig in, refuse to see the logic, they only care about one thing, aiding and enabling those they see as victims. But are they?

We have to first look at the facts, the people coming here, are they fleeing in terror like we are to believe? Turns out when the INS courts hear the cases brought before them, the actual cases of people seeking asylum due to violence or threats of violence at them are rather small. The reason people are claiming this is due to they are coached by volunteers, given pamphlets by Mexico telling them what to say, how to present their cases so they have the best chances of coming into the US.

To look at this, it may be good to look at some cases, and this is not a new phenomenon, it has only exploded into awareness under the current administration due to the left’s need to cause a crisis to try to undermine Trump’s successes he has had so far.

Nafissatou Diallo

In May 2011, the world’s attention was focused on the story of Nafissatou Diallo, a hotel housekeeper in New York, who claimed she was raped by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then the head of the International Monetary Fund and thought to be a likely future president of France. How did Ms. Diallo, who was born in West Africa, come to be working in New York?

She admitted that while in the U.S. illegally, she concocted a false story about being raped in her home country of Guinea, to obtain legal asylum status in the U.S. Ms. Diallo’s defenders thought that admission was no big deal and that telling a good story is how to obtain asylum in the U.S.  Prosecutors concluded, however, that prosecution of Mr. Strauss-Kahn could not proceed in light of that admission.


Ms. Diallo is not the only successful asylum claimant whose lies are subsequently exposed. Back in 1999 another immigrant, also named Diallo, died in New York City as the result of police gunfire, and was discovered to have made numerous false claims to gain asylum in the U.S. Amadou Diallo had claimed to be an orphan whose parents were murdered, though his parents showed up at his funeral, and he claimed to be Mauritanian, though he was actually from Mali.

Attorney Andreea Dumitru

There are many more, in fact, they have gotten so bad that attorneys are actively aiding in this deception, just this year the Feds arrested and charged Attorney Andreea Dumitru with 180 counts of fraudulent asylum claims, he was actively working with other immigration activists to aid illegals that came into our nation with the tools to aid in their quest by falsifying their claims.  He did not stop there, there were also terrorist that he covered for, criminals that he aided by shielding their background so as to protect them from being rejected.

This is not a few cases; you have Venezuela who has gone from just a few thousand cases a year to suddenly jumping to millions. The Numbers started a steep decline of rejections under Obama, in spite of claims otherwise, they faced pressure when Trump first came to office, now are climbing again as Trump is getting his policies to be implemented.

The other problem we are facing is the economy is now starting to drive up these numbers. During the Obama’s administration and Bush’s, due to the terrible economy, high numbers of unemployed the illegal population due to deportations, deaths, many repatriating themselves to their native countries, the numbers started to drop, as our economy is picking up we are now seeing these numbers picking up, and doing so in a rapid rate as the people are now finding there is a shortage of employable people in the US as the unemployment figures fall.

What is needed is to stop the leaching into the US we have seen during the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years, jumping from 3.5 million in 1990 to over 12 million and climbing now. Much of this is due to the lack of enforcement during the last administration, encouraging parents to bring their children to the border, that is how the dreamers arrived, this in turn just encouraged more to come. It will take time for this to reach back to Central and South America, even longer for the rest of the world, so they will hear that this is not a good time to try to sneak into this nation illegally.

Lack of employer help and enforcement of hiring illegals. 

The other problem we had, still do in fact, is the lack of enforcement of our laws against employers who are hiring in these illegal employees. There is also the case of the left’s resistance now towards setting up an e-verify system with all employees, funny how that switched sides over the last 20 years, used to be the GOP that fought against this.

We have seen a steady uptake of illegals working in jobs they legally aren’t supposed to, and the holding of the numbers due to apathy within the federal and state governments concerning this:

We also look at the occupation and industry, and believe me there is a difference:

Occupation and industry: What’s the difference?

This report on the unauthorized immigrant workforce includes estimates about occupation, which is the kind of work that people do on the job, as well as about industry, which is the kind of business conducted by an employing organization.

Some occupation groups are similar to industry categories – for example, many construction workers are employed in the construction industry. The construction industry, however, also employs people in many other occupations, such as manager, clerk, etc.

The Census Bureau obtains data on occupation and industry from responses to write-in and check-box questions; the responses are coded using a standard classification system.

What we really see is a problem that has infested all sectors of our business life in this nation, until we start to force businesses to pay a price, and a steep one for hiring in these people, this is only going to continue to go up.

The Solution?

Many have said, all they hear from the right is the crying over the problem, but what is the solution? To this many can’t give a satisfactory answer, many places, as we see in the chart above, look to this type of labor to keep their businesses going, hiring in with wages American Citizens expect is very difficult, so what do we do?

  1. We need our legislation first to better define what a citizen is if a person comes here to have babies, and we see this anchor baby thing going on with increasing numbers, now even the Russians are running to the US to have babies, this needs to stop. Any child born of none citizen parents, who don’t work or live in the US should not be granted citizenship, there is no constitutional support for this. We need to better define this so the courts stop screwing this up.
  2. We need to set up a secure border until this is done, and I would love real secure, a border that is for the most part impenetrable, with 30-foot walls, roving patrols, and dead man lanes in between a smaller outer wall and a more massive inner wall. Without this, anything we do will be a waste; we need to secure our border before we talk or work on any change in our immigration laws.
  3. We need to set up work permit offices. We should revamp our work visa’s, expand it, but put in place a system to ensure compliance. We set up 2 or 4-year visas, I have no problem if people obtain 2 or more visas if we work a path to citizenship, we know these people then are willing to work and contribute to society, not be a drain on it.
  4. Change the way people with work visas are taxed, SSI should only be for American citizens. If you are a guest worker you will no access to the system, instead keep the same charge, 12.4%, 1/2 covered by employer and 1/2 covered by an employee, use this money to pay for maintenance of the wall, also to pay for setting up work permit offices in other nations. Remember, working in and living in this nation is a privilege, not a right.

If you look at the numbers, I wrote about this with IMMIGRATION DEBATE: A NEW IDEA FOR AN OLD PROBLEM, this article goes into how to set up such a program, the costs associated with it, and how it would not only pay for maintenance of the wall and taking care of the administration part but would have money left to put back into the deficit or maybe allow the government to pay the extra into SSI, thus taking care of some of their vast IOU problem with the fund. 

The cost of doing nothing is not sustainable, this is gone into and shown with the article THE HIDDEN TRUTH – COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, we see the left’s claim that illegal immigration is costing a billion or so is simply false, it is costing us over a $1oo billion a year, then another $100 billion is sent back to the nations, rather then invested into this nation, we are losing almost a quarter of a trillion dollars a year, and that does not take into account the aid that we are sending to these nations.

The Facts Don’t Work, So Liberals Use Emotions

We have seen it over the last two weeks, cries that the US is no different then Fascist Germany, putting kids into camps, you even have announcers on MSNBC and CNN claiming that Trump wants to put them in showers like the Nazi’s did, this could not be further from the truth.

We find photo’s put out, recording of kids crying to present a narrative, many times it is based on nothing but lies, but that matters not, news no longer is about facts or presenting unbiased reports to these leftist outlets, they only care about the perception of truth, so they push the emotional narrative to take their viewers eyes off of the real truth.

This needs to stop, we as Americans need to demand the facts. Also, while I hate to see kids separated from their parents, what does the left think we should do, just grant anyone that comes to our border citizenship? We need to expose the lies that are being told and also put in some common sense.

I feel bad for the people that are suffering in other nations, but there are billions of them, we just don’t have the room or the resources to take them in, not to mention what such a drastic change such a move would do to our demographics. If we want to help, send aid to the nations they came from, give them the ability to help themselves.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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