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Impeachment Done, Pelosi Holds Articles Trying To Force Senate’s Hand

Impeachment Done, Pelosi Holds Articles Trying To Force Senate’s Hand

We heard from Pelosi and others that this impeachment was a terrible thing, yet this was only a farce. The Democrats were celebrating what has turned out to be the most significant political sham our nation has ever seen.

Impeachments Past and Present

If we look at past impeachments, Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, and now Trump, this impeachment was very much like the Johnson impeachment, but there were many differences.

In the Johnson impeachment, Johnson was able to have his counsel represent him in Congress, it was made up of Henry Stanbery, William M. Evarts, Benjamin R. Curtis, Thomas A. R. Nelson and William S. Groesbeck. Unlike with Trump, these people, who were the president’s council were able to question the president’s accusers, and to call up their own, something that was utterly denied to Trump.

In that case, like now, you had not just the Democrats, who in mass, saw this as a railroad, a sham where only one side was able to present their evidence, they fought every witness the president’s council called.

Further, they tried to silence their ability to question the accusers. Still, they at least allowed attorneys for Johnson to be present and ask some questions. They did not allow this at all with Trump.

That trial ended in the Senate where some GOP Senators saw this for what it was, refused to vote with their counterparts to support the Tenure of Office Act, it was a law put in place to try to restrict the powers of the president, a bill that was done away with after its usefulness was done.

With both Clinton and Nixon we had an actionable crime, Nixon was involved in a burglary, then moved to cover it up. Clinton lied to Congress while under oath, but Trump had committed no offense, other then hurt the feelings of some state department employees by daring to change the direction of nations’ foreign relations.

Trump’s Impeachment

This was unforgivable, but was that the reason why the Democrats impeached? Of course it wasn’t; you had the current group of Congressmen men and women openly saying without any crime shown, they were going to impeach this president. The crime the president committed was getting elected in spite of all the work the Democrats had put in place to make sure he wasn’t.

You heard this from Congressional members like Rashida Tlaib, along with her friends, like AOC and Ilhan Omar, they openly stated this was their intent from the start. They could have cared less what evidence there was presented. As I heard from a Democrat yesterday, this was a political process; the House had a right to impeach if Trump had a bad hair day.

At least she did not bother to put on the sham that she was sad, that this was a somber occasion, found no joy in it. Here she is on the way to the impeachment vote:

The left got their pound of flesh in this impeachment, the fact that this will come back to haunt them does not matter to them. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is so strong they’re willing to put it all on the line for a symbolic win. A win that will mean nothing when it gets to the senate and finds itself DOA.

Now what?

Now Pelosi is saying she may delay passing the articles of impeachment to the Senate, one has to wonder why this is? Is the outrage over this so great that she is going to wait until they take a holiday break to pass it over. That way everyone will be out so no one will have to answer to the public?

Pelosi claims she is delaying passing the articles for fear that the Senate will not hold a fair trial, but I must ask, did they hold a fair trial in the house? What she is saying is Schumer, and the Democrats are not allowed to control the Senate and that is unacceptable to her.

She is obligated to pass the articles to the Senate. She has no legal authority to hold off because she is worried the Senate may not vote the way she demands. Thus we are once more witness to this sham the Democrats have put forth.

The other problem facing the Democrats is they no longer have control over who is called to testify. The GOP, which controls the Senate can call whom they wish and ask what they will. This could stall these articles being passed to the Senate as Pelosi tries to figure out a way to handle this and keep the Democrats in control of that process.
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