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Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Impeachment Has Doomed The GOP

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Impeachment Has Doomed The GOP

GOP impeachment vote will be ‘funeral of the modern Republican Party,’ Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said with a straight face, this is the same Democrat that was thrown out of the leadership in the DNC for corruption and trying to change election results within the DNC primaries.

I love these calls of doom for the GOP, yet we see in the polls just the opposite; as time goes on, support for impeachment and removal of Trump are dropping. Seems Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, like many Democrats, sits in her echo chamber, due to her lack of interaction with the rest of the country sits blithely thinking that the whole country feels the same as her far-left district.

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We have, on the other side Clinton sitting up and saying she is going to aid the DNC in their quest to ‘retire the incumbent.’

“It is a story of abuse of power, using the office of the president to further not the nation’s objectives but his own personal political objectives,” Clinton said at the event moderated by singer Vanessa Williams. “The facts are not in dispute. This is not a he said-she said. This is what happened.”

“It’s really important to me that I do everything I can and make sure that we retire the incumbent regardless of what happens.”

Turns out Secretary Clinton, I would be far more concerned about the Justice Department reopening your loss of emails then I would over what happens to Trump. Further, if you are found to have had a hand in the 2016 FISA scandal, I would be far more worried if you are retired to a prison cell.

I think the best punishment for Clinton would be her having to witness another four years of Trump, every day to stew in the fact that he is sitting as president while she is not.

I think the best punishment for Clinton would be her having to witness another four years of Trump, every day to stew in the fact that he is sitting as president while she is not.

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We have heard nothing but claims of doom for both the GOP and Trump from the Republicans, yet nothing has ever gone anyplace. It is the same for this impeachment, while the Democrats with Pelosi are trying to force the Senate’s hand. She nor the Democrats have any say in how the Senate runs the impeachment, what she risks is causing even a more significant divide in the Senate, the Democrats ending up being treated like the Republicans were in the House.

We heard much the same when Clinton was up for impeachment, turns out the GOP was hasty on that impeachment, turned out taking massive loses in the next election, would not be surprised to see the same thing happen here.

In 2000, the first election after the Clinton impeachment, the GOP saw gains in only two states, held in 13 states, and saw losses, many of them enormous in 6 states. While Bush did take the White House, the fact that it was as close as it was had much to do with the impeachment before the election. Out of 100 house seats that were contested, the Democrats won 34 seats, thus handing the GOP a massive loss.

That election was unlike this one, where the incumbent is running, the problem then, verses now, the left has lost the center, latest polls showing a massive shift in Independents from the support of impeachment and removal of Trump to not supporting it, this is something that could come back to bite the Democrats massively.

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We saw the same thing in 2016, seems this time around the Democrats still have not learned their lesson, they disrespect the voters for Trump, then in the next breath try to draw them away. I am not sure about you, but after being called deplorable, then told I have no morals, or better yet, a lack of education by kids that can’t even figure out their sex, they then feel that I have no choice but to switch to their side.

Like in 2016, where people were tired of being lectured by the left on how they should feel, vote, or what they should believe in, rather than fight with them, you nod your head while you think to yourself, “Can these idiots be this stupid?”

You walk on thinking, ‘nothing changed,’ they walk away thinking they won the debate.

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